The Habit Queen Podcast – Episode 1

Are you a purpose-driven woman looking to improve her health? Are you a busy entrepreneur or professional who can’t seem to build healthy habits for like? If you’re looking for actionable, strategic health tips and hacks as well as lots of stories to inspire you to become the best version of you, you’re in the right place! My name is…

Interview with Karin Velikonja (Glowinface)

I haven’t enjoyed talking about aging in the last 5 years or so. The thing is, you don’t start noticing the first signs of aging …until you do. I remember the first time I noticed my first wrinkles. It was more heartbreaking than the end of the last Avengers movie! It took me a while to start embracing the aging process, and honestly, I’m yet to come to good terms with it when I am enjoying it. I’ve made a lot of progress in the positive direction and did learn a few powerful mindset shifts that helped me be kinder and more loving towards my body and face, welcoming new fine lines, gray hairs, skin imperfections etc. Then I discovered…face yoga!

20 Low-Carb Summer Recipes That Are Light and Delicious

Ahhh, summer! The time to wear denim shorts and flowery summer dresses (but not at the same time!). It’s the time to plan your vacation, hang out by the pool with a tasty beverage in your hand, and run outside with your kiddos (or just kick them outside for some alone time)…

Summer is so good for the soul. I’m sure many of us not only enjoy luscious sunshine, greenery, fresh air, and warmth, but delicious mouth-watering summer eats.  I know you’re here for the low carb summer recipe round up but first, let’s talk about the basics.

Interview with Caralyn Mirand Koch

Caralyn Mirand

It’s easy to get lost in the noisy world of social media. It’s hard to stay authentic, true to yourself, free from the impostor syndrome, kind and loyal to your tribe. I feel so lucky and encouraged when I find people who have a truly genuine, fun, and real profiles or stories they share. That’s what we want to see on Instagram and Facebook, right? A sneak peek in someone else’s life, the details of their daily routines, the fascinating moments they don’t keep private.

10 time management tips for your health

If you had as much time as I have, on that clock, what would you do with it?”

I’d stop watching it. I can tell you one thing. If I had all that time, I’d sure as hell wouldn’t waste it.”

Remember ”In Time” with Justin Timberlake? What would you do if every minute became a currency?

A major excuse many of us sounds like this: “I don’t have time for that”. The ugly truth is your day might be packed with urgent and important things, but you, my dear friend, have time. Especially for something so precious and irreplaceable as your health.

Keep reading and learn my 10 time management tips for your health, whether you need to clean up your nutrition, get more energy, or spend more time doing things you love.