5 Awesome Habits for Willpower Training

willpower training habits

One of the hardest things to do now days is to go to the store and know what you are actually buying. There are so many ingredients with such varying names! It can make it complicated to really get a grasp on what each item is made of. To make the matters even worse is the misleading way some companies package and label their products. Add into that some stores layouts just leading you into traps, of self-indulgence, at some point, you could just say “I have no willpower”, and give in to the temptations.

How Our Food Changed (Plus 3 Tips to Pick The Healthiest Options)

healthy foods to eat

How civilization affected our food and fruit

What you eat today didn’t exist 10,000 years ago. Humans have been able to do miraculous things, and other than some ancient uncultivated jungle fruit, we have changed our environment as well as every single item we eat. We have bred everything to make it bigger, last longer, and grow faster. The question is: are they the healthiest foods to eat?