Maybe you’re weary of all the events of this year (it’s been a lot)

Maybe you gained COVID-15

Maybe your stress levels are going through the roof

Maybe you barely move throughout the day, feeling sluggish and not motivated to work out…

You feel like you need a fresh start but also know that joining another FB group for a free 5-day challenge won’t do the trick.


First of all, your body NEEDS a reboot every once in a while.

Whether you want to lose a few pounds or gain more energy, you need to shake things up, create new habits, or polish off the old ways to break through plateaus or stagnation.

Second of all, there are MANY things that can make your body HEALTHY, strong, and lean, but the main three are DIET, MOVEMENT, and LIFESTYLE.

Thirdly, it can be TOUGH to balance it all – your healthy habits, fitness, and wellness with everything else you have going on in your busy life – so let me take care of YOU and be your coach for 30 days, rebooting your systems and firing up all the cylinders.

I LOVE taking the confusion out of this game.

What do I need to eat? How much? When? What to do with emotional eating? I have no time, SOS! Can I please stop counting calories or macros?!

These are my favorite kind of questions. You’ll get all the help you need there.


  • Getting out of the funk and establishing some healthy habits with ease. You know what you need to do to be healthy but you won’t do it dammit! No worries. In BBR, you’ll have a coach watching you every day and supporting you – no quitter there!

  • Your energy levels going up – with proper fueling of your body and all the wellness elements we’re going to target (sleep, stress, self-care), you’re going to experience what it feels like to be YOU again – no afternoon slumps or pick-me-ups involved.

  • Better mood and stress management. Let’s be honest, 2020 has been a sucky year and even most positive people struggle with staying afloat and believe the future is going to be bright. We’ll take charge of that together with powerful stress-management techniques.

  • Fat loss: You don’t wanna lose weight, you want to lose FAT. 30 days is just enough to start reprogramming your genes (the most magical part that can affect your sluggish metabolism) and turn you into a fat-burning machine. Don’t you worry about the holiday treatS – we’re not going to be on a diet, no need to feel deprived!

  • Feeling comfortable, calm, and centered. Want to feel like yourself again? Have a clear mind, no brain fog, confidence, and peace? You’ve come to the right place.

 It’s like a Whole30 for your BODY and MIND (BUT WITH LONGER LASTING BENEFITS).


Starting on day 1, we’ll spend a LOT of time together for 30 days.

  • You’ll receive a daily email with a prompt that will provide some education and give you simple, actionable task(s) to complete in a day. I believe in the art of baby steps so things will be super short and even the busiest women can do them.

  • All the emails are based on methodologies that helped hundreds of women achieve simple, sustainable weight loss, create a healthier relationship with food and fitness, and become a bit tougher. You’ll feel like a whole new person in just 30 days (plus you get to keep the emails for life, and can do it again and again as needed).

  • You’ll also receive a daily dose of coaching in a private Facebook group. I’ll provide just enough education not to overwhelm you and a TON of support to make sure you succeed. Plus, accountability is KING – 95% of people who have accountability and/or coach succeed faster than the rest.


I know making changes in your health and routines can be hard… but it doesn’t have to be!

  • We’re going to turn it into one big paaaar-tay. WIth prizes, for real. [ see below]

  • With Q&As (here goes nothing, I’m an open book and will share my top secrets to abundant health).

  • You’ll get points for almost anything and everything you do (including the fact of simply reading your daily email, I’ll check 😉 More points = more chances to win even more support heading into the holiday season.

  • You’ll be rewarded for being an engaging member of the group, supporting others, sharing your progress, and more. On top of all the amazing implementation and action, you’ll take, you’ll create new awesome habits, AND you’ll make friends!

Now let’s talk about biz-ness.

PRIZES (examples from the last round):

1. 1:1 90-minute intensive with Anya + weeks of unlimited support ( $497 value)

2. Access to Self-love Pro (self-paced online course, $297 value)

3. Amazon card ($100 value)

4. Win your BBR enrollment fee back ($49 value)

5. BONUS: a spot for BBR for the next round for you or your friend.

How amazing is that?!

Join now and let’s take your health to the next level!