Interview with Tiffany Angulo (The Pretty Little Lifters)

Who runs the world?! Girls do. I’m so excited to share another interview with a wonderful L.A. girl Tiffany Angulo.  Tiffany Angulo is a full-time elementary school teacher in West Hollywood, a personal trainer teaching classes and individuals, a kettlebell trainer, a fitness model,  and a CrossFit girl! She runs a female-oriented community of like-minded girls called The Pretty Little…

Interview with Anya Kaats

Anya Kaats

Do you find the topics of vulnerability, blunt honesty and authenticity are almost taboo-like in our society? We can talk about pretty much anything on social media, share the most intimate moments of our lives but never dive in the depths of “why” we are like this, why we do what we do, and how we can make this world a better place?