Your Guide to Non-Toxic Skincare and Makeup

non-toxic skincare makeup

Are you feeling awesome because you are already on track with your diet and exercise? I am so happy for you, and it’s fantastic if that’s the case. Cleaning up your food and picking the best, most nourishing ingredients for yourself can indeed, be life-changing. You already invested in healthier food choices, more time to move often. You can be ready for anything else life throws at you, just by looking around to see what else can affect your health in a negative way. Many things can still affect your health without eating them! Keep reading to learn more…

What is Optimal Health – How to Find Your Own Definition

optimal health

Have you ever tried searching one of those  “The best diets” lists? What new hype do you need to follow? What kind of exercise or food is popular today or will be tomorrow? Is it Crossfit, OrangeTheory workouts, maca root and Bulletproof coffee? Do you need to do earthing, oil pulling, diffusing, or such? Naturopaths, aromatherapists, acupuncturists and holistic doctors? Do you have enough time to follow all the recent trends? How to find your own definition of optimal health?

Progress or Perfection? 3 Secrets That Will Inspire Your Body Transformation


body transformation

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “body transformation”? Do you visualize the “before and after” pictures you can see scrolling through your social media feed? Do you think of the participants of “The Biggest Loser ?” Or do you wish YOU had a body transformation, but you seem to be stuck in the vicious circle of trying to lose weight, lean out, build muscle, get healthier? Whether you want to learn how to cook healthier meals, compete in Tough Mudder, or run a 5K, there is always a  body transformation you wish for. It will be something you want: your body changing its shape or your mental and emotional health getting more stable. It can be the part of you that is responsible for spirituality and connection with others. All of these complete the transformation within you.

Why You Need Quiet Rituals: 5 Simple Ways to Be Healthier and More Successful

quiet rituals healthy successful

Do you ever wonder how the most successful people on the planet stay healthy, organized, and seem to have a perfect order in everything they do? They don’t. Successful (healthy, wealthy, wise, iconic people) are simple mortals just like us, with a few more responsibilities, and people supporting them. They still have the same 24 hours in a day, teething babies at home, relationship issues, stress at work (I bet!), financial constraints,  and health problems.

The thing is, it is not the matter of resources, wealth, or connections you have, although they can help. It is the matter of prioritizing your health, learning from the best of the best in your industry or field, and applying the concepts to your own life. Of course, it depends on the quality of life you’d like to have. Let’s look a bit closer at some quiet rituals and habits to see how they can benefit your personal health journey.

Winter Skin Care Routine: 7 Tips for Perfect Skin Naturally

winter natural skincare tips

Ugh, winter again! While the holidays are fantastic by themselves – all the family gatherings, time with friends, our favorite foods – it is the time of the year when our body and skin takes a toll. Not only do we often indulge in things we probably shouldn’t, we often don’t pay close attention to our body’s needs. That’s okay, we are humans and SHOULD indulge (sometimes). If you live in the northern hemisphere, it is the time of the year when your skin suffers from cold temperatures, excessive room temperatures and dry air inside, snow, rain, and the list goes on.  A Winter Wonderland looks wonderful when you are inside, and when your skin does not feel like the cracked soil of a desert. Add itching, peeling, blemishes, irritation, and forever dryness…The list never ends. So I wondered, was there a natural winter skincare routine that could help us handle the cold season?

9 Ways to Get Better Sleep in Less Time

better sleep less time

Do you know that wonderful warm feeling of falling asleep? All surrounded by fluffy pillows and blankets, fuzzy inside and ready to dream sweetly? Sounds amazing, right? Well, when this feeling is trying to get ahold of you in the middle of a busy day…not so much. It makes you get just another cup of java (that won’t actually help) and wade through the sleepiness instead going through the day full of energy. You also lose alertness, and it can be fatal if you are driving or operating heavy machinery (coffee machine counts). How to get better sleep in less time without sacrificing your life?

5 Awesome Habits for Willpower Training

willpower training habits

One of the hardest things to do now days is to go to the store and know what you are actually buying. There are so many ingredients with such varying names! It can make it complicated to really get a grasp on what each item is made of. To make the matters even worse is the misleading way some companies package and label their products. Add into that some stores layouts just leading you into traps, of self-indulgence, at some point, you could just say “I have no willpower”, and give in to the temptations.