Self-love and Weight Loss: How to Know Your Body Needs Help

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Let’s get serious today. The concept of self-love is being touted by our society, and whether you a tree-hugging hippie or a conservative feminist, you have heard about loving yourself. It is often misinterpreted as egocentric, narcissistic, and a selfish practice. In truth, you experience it every day – when you are eating a healthier lunch, going for a walk, taking a bath (hiding from kids, huh?), or buying a new outfit to go on a date with your favorite person. Today I would like to talk about this provocative topic: self-love in relation to your health and weight. Get your hot beverage, sit down comfortably, and let’s explore together.

One Thing Most Successful People Have In Common ( and 10 Reasons Why)

One Thing Most Successful People Have In Common ( and 10 Reasons Why)


Hey, folks. How is life?

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. Trying to get used to the new area, find some new friends, adapt to my new job (it is fun!), and just finding myself, again. I also try to stay inspired and focused on my path to success no matter what. One of the things that always helped me to stay atop of my game was to read or watch something about very successful people – athletes, actors, politicians, musicians etc.

How Can We Change Our Fat Genes? Going Primal is Key

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Today I was doing some research on gene reprogramming. While I am still new to the topic, I find it fascinating. No, am not a scientist, but I’d like to put a scientist hat on once in a while and dig into some processes behind cool abbreviations and data. Here, at The Primal Force, you are not going to be burdened with that information, yet it makes sense to bring this topic up. Shall we?