While Working with Anya I learned a lot and achieved a lot.  One of the biggest things I learned was I was actually eating well BUT I wasn’t eating enough. I was starving my body. Everyday.

Before I met Anya I was eating the same thing every single day but it was never enough.  My body was in a starvation mode.  During my first sit down with Anya she informed me that I can actually eat bacon! You hear that BACON, not turkey bacon but BACON!  She explained in detail how my body actually needs good fats.  During this same conversation, I realized that I can actually eat different food and not the same thing every single day and still achieve my goals.  In 2014 I was 181 lbs I got down to 156, My body hit a plateau. Anya has helped me overcome that plateau and in the last few weeks I have gone from 156 to 150.

She was there every single step of the way being very supportive and offering anything that would be helpful to me.    Living the Keto lifestyle is challenging but very worth it.  I say lifestyle because a diet never works, this is a lifestyle change that will benefit you in so many ways.   I was recently reading  Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf and in this book it mentioned that we are not in a relationship with our food, there is so such thing as cheating on your food.  It is simply a decision and there will be a consequence for whatever decision you make. Anya is full of amazing knowledge and may I add has some amazing Keto friendly recipes.  So thankful for this opportunity to work with Anya! “