Primal Vs Paleo: How Are They Different?

No more confusion about what primal nutrition is about, and how it is different from Primal lifestyle.

Primal often gets a bad rap because people combine it with Paleo, and generally associate it with eating meat by the pound. That is not the case at all. In fact, you could be a vegetarian and do either. If you are a vegan, things might get a little rough and you will need some supplementation. Check out this article by the Primal guru Mark Sisson if you are vegan or vegetarian.

Primal and Paleo: Similar Yet Different

Often people refer to Primal living as a restrictive one. To be honest with you, I think it depends on how you look at it. If you think you are going to deprive yourself of your favorite carbs and sugars – yes, you will feel deprived. If you look at it as an enabling mechanism, a freeing instrument to allow you not to depend on carbs and sugars – you will be willing to continue living this way. Of course, all of us have ups and downs, and even I sometimes question my decision to choose Primal nutrition as the main characteristic of my lifestyle. But only for a second – the benefits I personally get from living this way are FAN-TAS-TIC. Then I question no more.

Let’s look at how these two are similar, yet different. This infographic considers only nutrition aspect of Primal and Paleo lifestyle.

primal vs paleo


If you are living the Primal lifestyle, are you following all the recommendations? How strict are you? How many carbs are in your daily meals?

Author: Anya Perry battled boring diets, low energy, and declining health for over 10 years before she found what works. Now, she helps women achieve their dream state of health, fitness, and vitality… without the struggles, battles of miserable diets and yo-yo results. She can’t live without coffee and challenges.

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