Top Sources of Protein to Build Muscle

protein build muscleProtein shakes are so 20th century. It is time to indulge in real muscle building foods.

While you can only stuff your face with a certain amount of protein for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can supplement with protein snacks.  Hate canned tuna? Tired of chicken breast? How about some variety so you don’t feel so limited?

Choose lean cuts of meat, and low-carb nuts and seeds if you are following the primal lifestyle. There are only a few shakes out there that will supplement you with high-quality derived whey protein without overloading you with chemicals, and even worse, carbs. You don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot by trying to supplement with shakes, and spiking up your insulin levels because of carb content. Yes, natural sourced proteins take longer to digest than whey protein shakes. It is okay to have them once in while without depending on them every day.

How about these?

Protein to eat and snack on!

Imagine: just a couple of ounces of seeds, or cooked meat – and you are good to go. Choose the best for your body, friend.


If you’d like to download this list, click here.

Happy snacking!

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