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Before I started working with Anya, my health was OK but I was unhappy with my weight and endurance levels. So far, I have lost 10 lbs in just 3 weeks and I am beginning to increase my endurance. The lower weight makes body weight exercises much easier.  I started drinking more water!!! It eliminated my snacking to a large degree and, surprisingly, reduced my overall appetite. I generally feel better. I appreciate Anya’s efforts to work within the parameters I set out….no crazy crash dieting that I could not maintain or develop into a part of my lifestyle. She set achievable goals for me and the progress has been amazing.  M.S.

Food Freedom. Self-Love. Confidence.

When I started the program I sort of just ate out half the time and ate random junk food. Even though I drank plenty of coffee I didn’t have a lot of energy throughout the day and felt annoyed trying to think of what I’d make for dinner. Now I feel much more organized with food and my life. Meal prepping/planning one day a week helps me not feel scatterbrained when it’s time for lunch and dinner during the week. I changed my mindset from cooking being a pain to actually making my life easier and more opportunity for me to stick with this program. I actually feel less stressed about food now. It’s second nature now and just gets easier and easier to meal prep and stick to my plan, and it’s cheaper than eating out! Also, it’s fun for the days that I happen to run into the office to hear the comments on how I look like I’ve lost weight.  Emily O.
Before working with Anya, I was fit but no matter how much I worked out, I could not lose that last bit of fat. I thought I had tried everything but could not make progress. I realized that I needed some guidance with nutrition. I started eating more and the pounds still melted away. I felt great and full of energy. After working with Anya for just over a month I lost 12 pounds and felt great! I feel much more confident and enlightened, ready to take on the world.  Shawn A.