Mastermind for women entrepreneurs

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What if you had more energy, confidence and support tools to be healthier every day?

This mastermind is for you if...

  • You're an ambitious woman who is building her business and wants it to grow, but your health and lack of direction are stopping you.
  • You're burned out and feel like you're trapped in your body. 
  • You're an emotional eater, stress muncher, or gym junkie. You do all or nothing and never seem to find balance.
  • You struggle with body image and confidence but want your inner beauty to shine in person, or via video and photos. 
  • Spending hours at the gym or in the kitchen aren't your favorite, and you'd LOVE to have more time to grow your business! 
  • You've always wanted to find a support circle of peers to safely share your ideas, wins and struggles with like-minded women.

Hey, beautiful!

Do you dream of building your empire, filling your life with wealth and happiness? Are you on the road to make it all happen but have encountered some setbacks?  

Our health, habits, and confidence are the most important things when we are reaching for higher and higher levels of success.  

"But I don't have time for anything else". "I hate my body, it never looks the way I want it to." "It's too hard to eat healthy." "I doubt myself and worry about failing too much."  

If this sounds like you, then this guided mastermind is PERFECT for you!

I was in your shoes six years ago: tired, hard on myself, insecure, and not knowing where to go. I needed me. I did it the hard way. But you don't have to!

Diet and exercise are only part of the picture.  

Make meaningful and consistent progress through small steps with the support and the drive of like-minded peers, with a nutrition coach, athlete, entrepreneur, and self-love mentor in your corner! 

Improve your health, maximize your confidence and instill the ideas that will make you succeed!  

Are you ready to embark on the journey of your lifetime? 

Mastermind "The Mindful Bites" with Anya Perry

When: April 2nd, 2018 (tentative start date) - 12 weeks

You deserve to treat yourself with LOVE and unleash your beauty. Here's how this mastermind will help:

Small group coaching

We'll focus on your unique needs, whether it's meal planning, mindset blocks, or self-care routine.  

Personalized nutrition plan

It can be hard to find a balanced approach to food. We'll find your own food freedom. No dieting is involved.

Virtual coaching sessions

2 one-hour virtual coaching sessions a month, jam-packed with value to help you overcome your challenges. Group size is 4-6 people.

Support circle

Private space for support and motivation in the pursuit of health, energy, and confidence. You'll be surrounded by amazing humans just like you.

Hot seats Q&A

There'll be no unanswered questions! In our live sessions you can ask all the questions to achieve your goals faster.

Weekly check-ins

You'll never feel alone because. The coach is in your corner and ready to help. 

Printable support tools

You don't need to search the entire Internet to find recipes, worksheets, guides and trackers. I'll show you my favorite tools to succeed in your journey.

Wellness assessment

I'll work with you to assess the current state of your health, fitness, and wellness to create a benchmark and a unique blueprint for you to follow. 

What's in there for you?

  • You'll experience a massive mindset shift when it comes to your health, wellness, and habits.
  • You'll discover simple strategies that will help to create a healthy, effortless relationsip with food and exercise
  • You'll learn how to love and prioritize yourself, help curb emotional eating and create nourishing habits
  • You'll unleash a ton of energy that you can use in your business and life daily
  • You'll gain confidence, joy, and more happiness every day. You deserve it, babe!
  • Bonus: you'll feel more centered and focused in your business and health with all the amazing energy to ROCK your life. Ready?!

How does this work? Here are some of the highlights:

1. You'll complete a detailed wellness questionnaire.

2. You’ll receive a personalized plan to reach your nutrition and exercise goals. Together we'll create the plan you'll ENJOY following.

3. You’ll receive "The Mindful bites toolkit" that will be your daily go-to support system for 12 weeks and beyond. This includes guides, trackers and worksheets for your body and mind to establish new, awesome habits!

4. Based on your needs, call schedule for the group will be sent to you each month. You'll have a chance to take the "hot seat" every month + ask questions any time via email.

5. I'll check in with you weekly to ensure you're on the right path towards acheving your goals.

So... are you in?

IMPORTANT: Schedule your interview below to see if you're a good fit for this mastermind, and if this mastermind is a great fit for you!  


3 months: $497 (~$166 a month) 

or 3 monthly payments of $197


Bring your bestie, save $5o off 3-months package (each!)

Questions? Want to see the mastermind outline? Email me!