Easy Keto Desserts: Book Review

easy keto desserts

I’m super excited about this book, and I don’t even have a sweet tooth. Need I say, my husband does.

Carolyn is one of my favorite bloggers for a few reasons. Remember her? I’ve just recently shared my impressions of her Easy Keto Dinners book (and I’m still cooking away at those recipes!)

So when I got this baby in the mail, I knew I can spoil my special person AND test her awesome recipes. Often, I don’t feel like making Paleo or Primal versions (too much sugar for my liking), and I don’t want to go for the “real” deal stuff (I don’t like ice cream that much!). I have some issues with erythritol, but once in awhile I make something dessert-y with it, if you’d like to have your cake, and eat it too.


If you’re absolutely new to a Ketogenic diet, here are a couple of articles to get familiar with. I learned about Keto back in 2012 when I met my then husband-to-be who lost almost 200 pounds using this amazing approach.

You can also read up about Keto and the benefits on these fantastic websites:

REMEMBER: Keto is not for everyone. Lately, many people starting jumping on the keto bandwagon because of the weight loss promise it provides. It’s a great reason to join the movement, but if you by any chance have any medical conditions, hormonal issues, if you’re a female or a new mom, if you’re an athlete – it must be individualized. That means…do your research and experiment but don’t just jump in because it works for Lucy next door. Agreed? Good.


Carolyn is a full-time food blogger, writer,  recipe developer, and the master in chief behind All Day I Dream About Food, a low-carb and Keto-focused website for people who want to eat healthier without sacrificing taste and their favorite dishes. Carolyn chose a low-carbohydrate approach to eating after encountering some health issues in the past, and her passion for cooking and baking turned into a fantastic adventure that now inspires and motivates others to try low-carb. She truly has THE BEST low-carb recipes for every taste and craving.


This is the book is for you if:

  • You have a sweet tooth.
  • You really, really want to eat healthier and avoid processed foods
  • You’re okay with some artificial sweeteners.
  • You love all things keto and low-carb.
  • You’re tired of failing another dessert recipe you got from Pinterest.
  • You can’t bake (hey, we can be friends) but you truly want to successfully make desserts to treat others.

Easy Keto Desserts

This gorgeous book has more than 50 low-carb, high-fat dessert recipes and a few extras.

There are candy and cakes, pies and tarts, cookies, cakes, bars, frozen desserts (mmmm my favorite), custard, mousse and many other mouth-watering goodies in the book.

What I absolutely love about this book as well as about Easy Keto Dinners is Carolyn’s approach to organization: everything in this book is in order, sorted out, clear, logical, and easy to find.

She shares the common ingredients you will need (so you don’t have to make 20 trips to your grocery supermarket), essential equipment, substitutions you could use, and labels each recipe with love and care (including macros, difficulty level, storage instructions, pro-tips etc). She also provides a Mix-and-Match dessert table where you can come up with 10 more desserts by simply combining the existing ones. How cool is that?!

I can ramble on and on about this beautiful book and fantastic cooking/writing skills of Carolyn all day. But here’s the real praise: I went and made 3 desserts from the book. We ate them all. We didn’t share. And a week later I remade them again. Ready?


1. Peanut butter and jam cups.easy keto desserts

Since I wasn’t born in America, P&J sammie is not my cup of tea. NO MORE. I’m obsessed with this flavor, and its deliciousness without any bread! Creamy and rich peanut butter and slightly tart raspberry jelly – oh my! I think even a kid can make this dessert – it takes minutes. It can serve as a fat bomb too (read this before you decide you need fat bombs in your life). Delicious.


2. Lemon curd tartlets.easy keto desserts

My husband RARELY asks me to repeat some recipe the next day. He did after these tartlets were gone. The pastry is light and puffy, lemon curd is fragrant and filling, and little raspberries on top just complete this beautiful picture. I turned them into minis (that’s how much of a baker I am – I ran out of equipment!) and cooked a bit less. Perfection.


3. Frozen key lime mini pies.
easy keto desserts
This is by far my favorite dessert ever. For almost 5 years I loved key lime pie – it was made for me from scratch by a dearest friend who died last year. I haven’t had a real one in years (the real one with sugar), and keto versions of it kind of sucked. These frozen mini pies burst with flavor and soft, smooth texture accompanied by the light crunch of buttered pecans. It’s hard to have just one!

SUMMARY: GO GET THE BOOK. It’s been released for sale already! You can get a copy here.

(NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. It means I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase through that link to keep me caffeinated this site growing. I only ever recommend things I have used and absolutely love. Thank you for your support and encouragement!)

Have you made any of Carolyn’s desserts?

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