27 Useful and Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas

healthy christmas gift ideas

Yessss! It is THIS time of the year. Time to get your Christmas shopping done. Unless you started that back in April…haha.
Every year people around the world get puzzled on what to get for their nearest and dearest for Christmas. Additionally, millions and millions of people sum up their achievements for the year, make conclusions, and set up new heights to reach in the next year. Are you one of these people? Would you like to spoil someone you love yet the gift needs to be useful for their health or fitness? Check out these 27 Christmas gift ideas that are useful for your health. Remember: you can start your health journey any day, without waiting for “after the holidays” time.

27 Useful and Health Inspired Christmas Gifts

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. It means I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase through that link to keep me caffeinated this site growing. I only ever recommend things I have used and absolutely love. Thank you for your support and encouragement!


1. Thrive Market subscription.

Are you eating gluten-free, organic, primal, paleo, vegan, or any other non-traditional way? This is an amazing online store where you can order your favorite clean foods, natural skincare, pet and household supplies. Instead of paying a ton of money to Whole Foods Markets (I love it but find it costly), Thrive Market has collected the best of the best in the health industry. Plus they send you gifts and provide free shipping for qualifying goodies. Get your free trial here.
Membership: $59.95 

2. Butcher box.

Amazing, fresh, grass-fed meat delivered to your door. It is sourced from trusted farmers, has incredible taste, and fair pricing. $129 a month will get you 20 meals worth of meat. Make some steaks, and invite the family over. ‘Tis the season, right?
Gift boxes start at $129. 

3. CSA membership.

Community Supported Agriculture has become very popular in the US. Eating locally grown and sustainable food is a great option when you can’t grow your own. Signing up for CSA means you will be receiving a box of uber-fresh fruits and vegetables at decent prices each week. You will be able to eat seasonally and sustainably and get exposed to new veggies and fruits. Plus you will learn more about who grows your food – building a trustworthy relationship with your farmer is important. And fun!
Price: varies based on location.

4. One Stop Paleo Shop.

If you are tired of shopping on multiple websites, this paleo shop is for you. Everything from beef jerky to t-shirts (are t-shirts paleo?!), books, condiments, apparel and personal care. No gluten, no grain, no sugar, no dairy. Pretty good for the primal community as well! No membership fees involved. Pick a gift box out of many here. Use the code “gatherer” to get 10% off your order!
Gifts: Starting at $20.

Food and kitchen gadgets

5. Primal Kitchen staples.

This is a fantastic and super clean brand founded by Mark Sisson. Everything they make tastes amazing! This company only uses healthy, Omega-3′ rich and best quality oils. Their mayo, Dark Chocolate Almond bars, and avocado oil are fantastic. And Primal Kitchen Whole30 Kit makes a great gift for someone getting on a health wagon.
Get your gift here – starting at $7.95.

6. Primal Palate spices.

Bill and Hayley from Primal Palate have been releasing more and more of their organic spices and spice mixes. All of their spices and blends are from USDA-certified organic Ingredients, Whole-30 friendly, Kosher, and non-irradiated. They taste so much better than anything store-bought! You can pick a set for certain purposes (grilling or sweet, for example), AIP-friendly, or just individual spices. The Primal Force readers get 10% by using a code “PrimalForce”.
Spice things up starting at $24.95.

7. Coffee lovers.

Butter in your coffee? Yay or nay? We say “YES, please!”. Bulletproof products have hit the market a few years ago and became quite popular in Primal community as well. Your body and mind will thank you for being fat adapted. This kit makes a great and unordinary gift.
Bulletproof coffee kits start at $31.01.

8. Spiralizer.

Want to eliminate pasta and grains from your daily nutrition, but afraid you will miss your noodles? One word: spiralizer. You can make zoodles (from zucchinis), poodles from sweet potatoes, and any other type of -oodles to make your favorite dishes. Plus, Ali, the founder of Inspiralized.com shares a ton of mouth-watering recipes on her website.
Starts at $49.95.

9. Kitchen scale.

If you would like to reach a specific weight or body fat goal (up or down, does not matter), you will need a kitchen scale. Measuring and being precise is half of success. This fun scale from Etekcity is easy to use, precise and looks cool. Get yours here if you are a geek.
Starts at $19.99.

Active living

10. Schwinn bike.

Not a fan of working out but love moving? Get a bike for your lady. Or mom. Or a friend. This 7-speed ladies cruiser promises some fun times in the spring! Get your breeze on!
Starts at $186.

11. Fitness tracker.

FitBit fitness tracker is so fun and easy to use when you are trying to track your steps, heart rate, sleep, and weight. It can also push notifications right to your wrist and wake you up gently with a silent alarm. Fitbit app is so entertaining as well if you are into data and competing with your friends. You will never want to part with it…
Fitbit starts at $149.95.

12. Garmin fitness watch.

Garmin is an incredible device if you are into athletic activities such as running, biking, or swimming. It gives such detailed information about your workouts: your speed, heart rate, your VO2Max, and so much more. You can go as fancy as this watch (with receiving your text messages and phone call notifications to your screen), or scale up or down the model row.
Garmin watch starts at $179.95.

13. Addaday rollers.

Muscle rollers from this company have been used by the top athletes in the world (Deena Kastor, Molly Huddle, and Timothy Olson to name a few). Their rollers and massagers are lightweight, easy to use, portable, and allow to reach spots you can’t with a foam roller. Feel good after each workout!
Add a day for just $20.

14. Standing desk.

Sitting around too much? Want your significant other to be fitter and have a good posture? This adjustable sit and stand desk is a great solution if you spend many hours at the computer. Benefits: it helps to prevent weight gain, heart disease, may reduce lower back pain, improve your energy levels and mood.
Rocelco Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk starts at $191.


15. FatCo.

Tallow-based, organic and Paleo-approved skincare to do oil-cleansing, moisturizing, and healing dry spots. For ladies, for guys, and even for the babies! It smells divine, absorbs quickly, and lasts for months. Perfect winter gift!
FatCo products for women and men start at $10.

16. Herbivore Botanicals.

This skincare company has some ridiculously good smelling products for your skin. This natural, cruelty-free skincare created amazing results for skin of any type. Try their Moon Fruit Superfruit Night treatment – you will be hooked! Also, makes a great gift for any girl!
Herbivore Botanicals  products start at $12.

17. Weleda.

Oil-based, sustainable skin care for your face, body, mouth, and hair. Their lotions, creams, and massage oils are the best foods you can give to your largest organ, skin. Plus they have some beautiful gift sets.
Weleda gift sets start at $15.99.

18.Vital Proteins.

Skincare from within! Yes, the beauty of your skin starts from within. Collagen is an essential component for our gut, bones, and skin health. Grass-fed collagen peptides not only improve your joint and bone health, it will provide 18 grams of protein per serving. Hello, muscle-building!
Vital protein collagen peptides start at $43.

19. Primal Blueprint books.

If you would like to dedicate more time to your health this year, and love to read – these guides are for you. Choose among books for beginners ( learn how to eat healthy), endurance athletes, kids, and many others. Books make the best gifts!
Get yours here.
Primal Blueprint books start at $19.95.


20. Adjustable dumbbells for your home gym.

No time – no problem. There are so many easy workouts for a busy person, and these adjustable guys can be scaled up as you go. Get yours here.
Start at $96.

21. Rogue fitness home gym set.

Your guy will appreciate it! Easy to set up, and close to your couch – what can beat your garage gym?
Home gym set starts at $550.

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22. CrossFit membership.

CrossFit is great for your body, strength, endurance, flexibility, and mood. Give it a try if you want to learn about your limits, spice up your routine, or get ripped. Find your box here.
Membership starts at $100 a month.

Stocking stuffers (under $25)

23. Swell bottle. 

If double-wall, vacuumed, and cool shaped water bottle does not sound like a bunch of cuss words to you – here is another Christmas idea gift for you. BPA free, and stays cold for up to 24 hours as well. Get your Swell bottle here.
Starts at $19.95.

24. Fitness journal.

A fan of pretty stationery or a fitness junkie? Obsessed with planning and logging? Either way, this planner is for you!
Starts at $24.

25. Blue light blockers.

We spend so much time at our screens in the evening! Blue light is okay for you during the day, but to get the best sleep and stay clear-minded, you need to block it at night. These amber-colored glasses block 99% of blue light and prevent the suppression of melatonin. Wear these, and you will get the best quality zz’s possible. Get your amber glasses here.
Start at $19.77.

26. Compression socks.

Anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet, either trains hard or has muscle soreness often can benefit from these cozy beauties.
Start at $17.99.

27. Non-toxic nail polish.

Cleaned up your diet? Time to clean up your cosmetics and skin care as well. Smith & Cult offers these amazing and vibrant nail polishes that won’t poison you or the environment.
Start at $18.

What are the Christmas gifts you plan on giving?
Happy holidays!


Author: Anya Perry
Anya Perry battled boring diets, low energy, and declining health for over 10 years before she found what works. Now, she helps women achieve their dream state of health, fitness, and vitality… without the struggles, battles of miserable diets and yo-yo results. She can’t live without coffee and challenges.


  • Amanda

    I love these ideas! So many of these I hadn’t even thought of. My big Christmas gift is extending my yoga classes another 6 weeks. Great list!

    • Anya Perry

      Thank you, Amanda! I love your Christmas gift! Enjoy your classes 🙂

  • Tami

    These are some great ideas! I love Thrive Market and Weleda. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Anya Perry

      Thrive Market rocks! I think I am cheating on Amazon with it, haha! Thank you for stopping by.

  • Valerie

    Fantastic collection of gifts – it covers such a wide variety of ways to be healthy! I would especially love to receive a new fitness tracker this year.

    • Anya Perry

      Thank you, Valerie! I can’t live without mine… so I hear ya! I will ask Santa to bring it for you 🙂

  • rkcsouthern

    I have a standing desk at my home and work office and I can’t even express what a HUGE difference it makes in my productivity levels! I don’t know how I worked without them now!

    • Anya Perry

      Does it make you get everything done quickly, Rachel?

  • colleen wool

    These are some really good ideas. i especially liked the butcher box.

  • falonloveslife

    I love the idea of gifting someone a membership or subscription. The gift that keeps on giving!

    • Anya Perry

      Indeed! I also love sending book or snack subscriptions to my friends. I forget, but a few months later I get an exciting message from them how happy they were to receive another box. I love it!

  • jennifer sattler

    So many great fitness ideas! Perfect for the start of New Years resolutions!

    • Anya Perry

      Jennifer: yeah! That is my goal spread the love for good nutrition and fitness 🙂 Thank you for reading!

  • adriana

    These are all such great ideas!! I love everything you picked – especially the spiralizer!!

    • Anya Perry

      Thank you, Adriana! I enjoyed putting these together. Spiralizer is my go-to when I crave pasta!

  • Keating Bartlett

    So many great options here! I’ve always wanted to try cross-fit. I hear so many great things about it!

    • Anya Perry

      Keating: you should give it a try! Most gyms allow a free drop-in (or purchase a t-shirt, work out for free option). I am personally hooked!

  • Tre Tre Mac

    I always try to give useful gifts to people and you have put together a great list. So great that I found something that I could really use myself, the standing desk would be a great option for me. Thanks for sharing.

    • Anya Perry

      You are welcome, lady! I think the standing desk would make a fantastic gift for a healthier YOU! :-*

  • Elise
    • Anya Perry

      Thank you, Elise! I tried my best to put them together. I will definitely check your list out! Happy holidays to you!

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