How To Go Primal: 4 Easy Steps to The Best Healthy Eating Plan

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Living a primal lifestyle… What do you picture when you hear these words? Do you visualize a  caveman chasing a mammoth? Do you see a cavewoman with a bone in her hair beating down on some fish with a stick? Also, do you think people who eat primally engorge themselves in copious amounts of meat and meat only? How is it different from other healthy eating plans and programs?

Primal Versus Other Healthy Eating Plans

First of all, I’d hate to disappoint you, my friend. The media does not always do a good job of explaining certain off-stream movements. Mostly, because why would they? The mainstream food and nutrition industry made it very loud and clear: follow our guidelines, and you will be fine. Since many people followed, now we have a nation that is fat, sick, and unhappy.

Until Mr. Loren Cordain started doing his Paleo work, and later Mark Sisson launched his famous Mark’s Daily Apple website back in 2006. All Mr. Sisson wanted to do is to LGN (Look Good Naked) teach people that you do not need to diet and deprive yourself to feel good, lose weight, achieve longevity and vitality.  Furthermore, he spread this incredible, detailed knowledge about grains, sugar, and processed foods that make you rethink your own guidelines. Media’s response to this new and growing stream? “It’s a fad” 
What if many people were to adopt Primal?

If primal lifestyle and eating plan becomes mainstream…
1. The most profitable industries such as sugar and grain will go out of business.
2. While people will be much healthier, Big Pharma will suffer losses.
3. Weight loss industry will disappear because nobody will need its products and quick solutions (I call them  Band-Aids).
4. People will be healthier, happier, and will stop spending money on medical professionals.
Oh, snap! Sounds like a plot for a utopia movie to me. Alright. Allow me to take a few moments of your time and enlighten you. Bear with me.

What is a Primal eating plan?

It is a  lifestyle and healthy eating plan based on the  Primal Blueprint (created by aforementioned Mark Sisson) that has been created to help people learn about truly healthy living. It is aimed towards achieving optimal gene expression, perfect health, and strength based on our evolutionary traits and habits. No, you don’t need to go fishing yourself to get that.

Principles of Primal Living: 

• Your nutrition will be rooted in eating animals and plants and avoiding processed foods.
• Movement is a tremendous part or Primal lifestyle, including moving often and at a slow pace, and sprinting once in a while. Lifting heavy things is very encouraged as well.
• Play, sunshine, good sleep, avoiding poisonous things are a necessity.
• Avoiding traumatizing experiences and using your brain more

In addition, the focus of this nutrition-based lifestyle is in…enjoyment!

Benefits of Going Primal:

1. You will become leaner as your body fat percentage drops.
♥ You will lose weight.
2. You are less likely to won’t have insulin spikes.
3. Your hormones will be better regulated, leading to…
♥ Getting sick less often;
♥You will have a lot more of energy;
♥ Craving bad things will happen less often.
4. Better immune system.
5. You will live longer!
6.  Your chances of having a heart disease or cancer will become much lower.
7. Your brain will have way more clarity
♥ You will be much happier;
♥ You won’t be in a funk, almost ever!
Not convinced, still? Let’s take a closer look at the drawbacks of this lifestyle:

Drawbacks of Going Primal:

1. You will stop eating crap.
2. Mood swings will go away.
3. You will be less likely in need to see a doctor.
4. You will stop spending money on medicine, which doesn’t help except for treating symptoms.
5. As a result, you will never need to be on a diet again.

I wish I was kidding.
But I know you have questions now.
Isn’t it expensive?
Only if you don’t know how to approach it. You do not need to go and buy everything organic and Whole Foods AKA Whole Paycheck. I can show you how to do it on a budget. It is about making incremental steps towards the end goal.

Isn’t it bad for me to eat low-carb foods, and eat so much fat?
 Well. Look around. Do you see if FDA recommendations and a low-fat/high-carb prescription is working for people? You know the answer. Now have a look at the community of Primal/Paleo/Keto folks. You will not find many people quitting this movement. They look, feel, and live much healthier life than millions.

But I don’t like meat that much…
I don’t think I like veggies…
My dog will miss his Dr. Pepper daily
We only live once… so I want to eat all the things.
What about Paleo? Isn’t it popular right now?

Hang on! These are all valid questions (exclude the Dr.Pepper one). You’d be surprised, but most people who start living this lifestyle have these exact questions! Personally, I started when I was a student, with very little money in my pocket. It is all about your desire to make it work.

Where to find answers: A Few Guides to Get You Started Eating Healthy:

1. Best places to shop for primal eating.
2. Carbs: they are not necessary. Your body can operate on healthy fats much better and efficiently.
3. You can be a pescatarian, a vegetarian, and even a vegan. Of course we, primal eaters, prefer you to have some real protein with healthy fats.
4. Primal Vs. Paleo: learn the difference.
5. Your Ultimate Guide to the best cooking oils. Choosing the healthiest fats is important!
6. Sugar: All you want to know about sugar and other natural sweeteners can be found here.

After you get all your reading done, please come back to me.
Oh hey, you are back! Want to try this lifestyle?Not sure where to start? Here is what I recommend you do. This mini-challenge will take you a month to complete. You can take one step at a time, or all at once ( depending on the degree of AWE-SOME-NESS you are trying to achieve). Take notes on how you feel daily.

4 Easy Steps to The Best Healthy Eating Plan

1. Eat your normal way for a week.
Changes to implement: drink more water, get 30 mins more sleep. Buy your favorite veggies and meat at the end of the week. Pack away the grains and gluten-filled items ( bread, cookies, crackers, chips, corn, and such).

2. Eat veggies and proteins for most of your meals for a week.
Pick a few veggies from the veggie guide ( get it here:), and make a meal with it. Don’t worry about your calories. Avoid grains as much as you can. If you can go without sugar in any form, it would be awesome. If not, try not to stress about it for now. Go for a 30-minute walk every day.

3. See if you can forgo sugar this week.
Here is a tip that will make you stop craving it: eat more of good fats ( from the guide); Avocado, nuts, oils, bacon ( don’t say no to bacon please!). Play outside: invite your friends, take your dog a walk, or spend time in the yard with your kids 2-3 times this week.

4.Up for a challenge? Do not consume dairy and legumes this week. Limit your exposure to TV prior 1 hours going to sleep.

After you are done, you can re-introduce all the elements and see how you feel. You don’t have to though. We, primal folks, would prefer if you joined us FOREVER (big words here).

How did you feel each week? What are the changes you noticed? 

Stay healthy,

Author: Anya Perry
Anya Perry battled boring diets, low energy, and declining health for over 10 years before she found what works. Now, she helps women achieve their dream state of health, fitness, and vitality… without the struggles, battles of miserable diets and yo-yo results. She can’t live without coffee and challenges.


  • Bekah

    great read! My family is really health conscious homemade, no convenience foods etc. He pretty much eats chicken and oatmeal 🙂 I don’t think people realize there is a cup of sugar in a can of soda. A lot of convenience foods are now to salty or sugary for me now 🙂

    • Anya Perry

      Thank you, Bekah! It is amazing how our taste buds change once we stop eating processed stuff. The real food tastes a-ma-zing! Who wants to go back after that?;)

  • Sandhya

    Very insightful blog. Loved it and agree about the profit making business running out health ?

    • Anya Perry

      Thank you, Sandhya!

  • Petite Artisan

    I am always interested in healthy living! Great article. x

    • Anya Perry

      Thank you for stopping by!

  • petite heartbeat

    These are great tips! I go back and forth with this way of eating but I always feel better when I do.

    • Anya Perry

      Thank you so much! You are not alone. It is pretty hard for most people, but when you really want something, you go for it, right? 🙂

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