How to Stay on Track: Healthy Meals for Busy People

healthy meals for busy people

What?! You don’t have time to cook healthy dinners? Who does though?

In fact, one of the most frequent reasons people sacrifice their health to do other “more important” things, is the lack of time. Is there a way to handle our crazy overwhelming lives and eat healthy? Is there a way to succeed in your new journey to a healthier you without failing every time you start? Let’s look at some ways you could cook healthy meals by following a few simple approaches. Where should we start?

3 things to know about you and  healthy meals if you are busy


First of all, it is a matter of planning. Doh. I know, you are a super busy mom of three, a business owner, a student with an extensive social life, or just a girl who works a lot and, it is hard to know where to start. Create a plan. Planning is half of the deal. You are far more likely to follow through when you have made a plan and written it down.  Without a plan, we are prone to sudden (and sometimes disappointing) spontaneity.

Whether you choose to meal prep or eat out, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. How much time will it take to meal prep? What are the places I can go for lunch without paying an arm and a leg, yet be happy with my food choices? “I hate meal prep, do I still need to do it?” The answer is NO. Think through what you’d like and would not like to do, timeframes, schedule, and support system (can your boyfriend buy some veggies on the way from work?). Things like that will take half of the stress off your shoulders.


Give yourself some credit. Be accountable for what you sign up to do – praise yourself on the good days, don’t beat yourself up too much on the days you did not do well. Eating healthier is done for YOU. For most people it doesn’t happen overnight, and there are often many habits which we need to change for your better health, your stronger and healthier body, and for your goals and ambitions. You should be your first reason to do it. Yes, your spouse, your kids, parents, and even your cat are a good motivation to help, but you need to make sure that YOU matter. Ground your motivation there, and you will feel much better on this journey. Remember: while support is helpful, you are the foundation for your desires.


Thirdly, practice. Everything we succeed in requires practice. Don’t know how to make an omelet? Go to YouTube and spend 3 minutes watching a video. Repeat it in your own kitchen ( don’t forget to break the eggs, hehe). Make a mess. Laugh. Try again. Combine the ingredients you never thought of putting together. Make something delicious and simple by looking up your favorite dish (and healthy-fying it). Practice until you get it. Most of the approaches below require a beginner’s  skills but,  in the end, it should be a) easy b) enjoyable 3) quick.

There might be a learning curve (like in anything we try to accomplish) – stay patient and remember why you started. Don’t go for a 3-star Michelin recipe… Pick something that sounds good and you can cook in the timeframe you have.

My approach to healthy meals

Here are a few approaches that MOST of my cooking is based on. I am a busy gal. My fitness training is extremely important to me, and it takes some good hours out of my week. I do not have children (but I hear you: it is another full-time job). Being an ambitious professional, I spend decent 40+ hours working on my business every week. Add travel, family commitments, time with my favorite guy…chores, shopping, etc. I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen (and I can’t stand meal prep although I do recommend trying it because it works miracle for some folks).

Try some of these approaches to create your breakfast, lunch-to-go, or dinner with family. Most of them require throwing a bunch of items together (takes seconds!) or setting a timer. So you can multitask if you wish or take a nice bath to relax waiting for your dinner.

How to Stay on Track: Healthy Meals for Busy People

1. Eggs. Bacon. On repeat.

Breakfast-wise it will only take you 10-15 mins to make breakfast. You can precook your bacon the night before or on the weekend, then eggs will take only a few minutes.  Add avocado, some good sugar-free salsa or sliced veggies – you are good to go. It works wonderfully in the evening if you skipped breakfast and don’t feel like messing around in the kitchen for long. After all, #breakfastfordinner is a trend. Want something more elaborate?

My favorite breakfast: Breakfast tacos with Siete foods tortillas.

2. Leftovers.

Utilize what you’ve got. Did not finish your taco salad last night? Take that leftover meat (leaves are probably soggy by next day), heat it up, add a few chopped veggies – voila! When making meat and fish – cook some extras. Grilling? Some tougher veggies will keep in the fridge for a bit (peppers, squash, mushrooms). Cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and root veggies do well too. Improvise – add sauce, warm things up in a pan with grass-fed butter, or turn them into a casserole (my favorite!) by adding eggs, some cheese, and herbs.

My favorite recipe with leftovers: Chicken pot pie.

3. Stir-fry.

Stir-frys are wonderful because they can be done in 20-25 minutes, the variety of them is endless, and you can create a new dish Start with oils + aromatics, add the meat of choice (sear it), and veggies. Cook till vegetables are al dente or fully cooked (up to you). Add herbs mid-way or some nuts and seeds at the end. Experiment with sauces or keep it plain vanilla. Find your perfect flavor – and keep making it!

Here is a helpful guide to building a perfect stir-fry for you.

4. Bake stuff.

Throw it in a baking dish, and forget about it? Sounds good to me! Oil a baking form, put seasoned pieces of meat on it (chicken breast, thighs, pork loin and chops, beef cuts work best). Add cut up veggies ( something sturdy like broccoli, cauliflower, squash, sweet potatoes), season, throw in the oven. The only thing you need to know here is the temperature your meat should reach to be perfect
It is done when:
Chicken and turkey @ 165 degrees;
Pork @145-160 degrees (depends on readiness);
Beef and lamb @130-155 degrees (depends on readiness).
Baking is one of the healthiest ways to get your meals in! Just remember to set a timer so your bath is truly enjoyable and the kitchen does not smell like burnt veggies!

My favorite all-in-one baking dish.

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5. Crockpot.

Yes. Good ole’ plain crock pot. Have you tried pulled pork or chicken? Does chili sound perfect for this cold weather? Soup or broth? Just meat and veggies with some tomato sauce? Throw everything in, add a bit of liquid, and forget about it till you are back from work. Keep the setting low though just in case.

My favorite crockpot recipe.

6. Salads.

I am pretty much a salad queen. I just love how fresh they taste, how many types of salads I can come up with (warm, cold, with pickled items, cheese, fruity, etc.).  You still can try and like them, even you are not a fan – I believe it’s the matter of finding your perfect match when it comes to salads. Start with your favorite leaves (I love a mix of Spring mix + arugula + romaine and a bit of kale). Add a protein of choice. Throw in the veggies (avocados, tomatoes, and mushrooms are my go-to). Add some nuts, seeds or a bit of fruit.  Whip up some dressing or use EVOO+balsamic or some lemon juice. Toss, take a big fork and ENJOY. Easy enough?

My favorite salad dressings.

7. Meal prep.

Many people find more free time on the weekends. We can unwind, step off the crazy schedule, and spend an hour or two in the kitchen to make things organized and save time during the week. Few things to keep in mind:

1)    Make protein: bake/saute. It will work as a base for most of your meals
2)    Not all the veggies are equal. Some veggies can be cut up and stored in air-tight containers when others will give a lot of juice or brown ( tomatoes and avocados, although they are fruits). Bell peppers, onions, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, cucumbers, celery, fennel and such will keep well.
3)    Whip up your dressing and make condiments and sauces this day. They work perfectly for so many meals such as stir-frys, salads, and leftovers. You will appreciate them later in the week.
4)    Think through your snacks as well. They can supplement your meals very well, and keep from you getting hangry while you are making dinner.

My favorite snack ideas are here.

James Brown should be singing loud in your ears when you cook. He makes everything better. Healthy meals are EASY. Trust me. I did not know where to start when I started…but with these simple steps you will be a PRO in a couple of weeks!

Things to take away to get your healthy meals ready this week:

  1.    Plan ahead.
  2.    Do it for YOU.
  3.    Practice the methods above.

What are your favorite healthy meals?  I can’t wait to hear about them.


Author: Anya Perry
Anya Perry battled boring diets, low energy, and declining health for over 10 years before she found what works. Now, she helps women achieve their dream state of health, fitness, and vitality… without the struggles, battles of miserable diets and yo-yo results. She can’t live without coffee and challenges.


  • Linh Nguyen

    These are great tips! I use to meal plan like a pro before I had kids and although it’s tougher now, I try to make it a point to do each Sunday because it saves me so much time in the long run.

    • Anya Perry

      Thanks, Linh! I am glad you like the tips. I can imagine how it can be complicated with children! And it does save a lot of time 🙂

  • Sumudu

    I make the meals on the Sunday. I cut up the salad items and other things like soup, make a pot of rice and then all set for the week.
    You are right about the planning – it really is everything!

    • Anya Perry

      Sumudu: word! I also am big on writing lists…lists of meals…grocery meals…lists of lists. Haha.

  • Dawn

    Great tips girl! Planning truly is key. Even for those who do not like to plan ahead, or don’t feel they are good at it, will benefit immensely from spending even a few minutes a week mapping things out. And heck yes embrace leftovers and simple meals 🙂

    • Anya Perry

      Dawn: it is a game changer! Planning has almost a therapeutical effect: once you lay it out, you kinda know it’s there (halfway!) and only need to go do it 😉 (Well, that’s the hard part! )

  • BreAnna

    You had me at “Eggs, bacon on repeat!” Haha! Love this and I agree it’s ALL about planning!

    • Anya Perry

      Heck yes, BreAnna! 🙂 Where is an emoji for eggs and bacon?! I am a big fan of planning. And eggs with bacon. Thanks for stopping by!

  • eamj1103

    These are really great tips for eating healthy! Meal planning is so key. I find I always eat better when I plan things out. When I am rushed I usually opt for something that is not so healthy. I also really like using my crock pot. It helps make things easy on me. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    • Anya Perry

      I tend to go eat out when the meals are not planned. Not good for the budget or sometimes my tummy! A crock pot is a magic pot! You make a meal, then it keeps feeding you for days 🙂 You are welcome, Elizabeth Ann!

  • Raluca Loteanu

    Thank you for the tips, I certainly need some inspiration! Sometimes I am so busy that I end up eating a lot of unhealthy food and this is sooo wrong. I never tried a meal plan, I think I need to try one to see how it goes.

    • Anya Perry

      I know! We get so wrapped up in our lives, food becomes less important. Glad these tips can help, Raluca!

  • Anne Thornley-Brown, MBA

    Well the stir-fry and crockpot will certainly work for me. I keep forgetting about it. The eggs won’t work as I am allergic to eggs. One more tip is to cook for more than one meal at a time and freeze or refrigerate the rest. In other words, a double or triple portion.

    • Anya Perry

      They make such a big difference, Anne! Too bad about the eggs. But there are so many different things you still can eat 🙂 I love the idea of cooking double-triple portions!

  • Roy Miller

    I like the idea of doing meal prep ahead of time to really save a lot of time.

    • Anya Perry

      yeah, Roy!

  • Meredith

    Really great ideas here! I’m also not a fan of meal prep…if I have an option of basically-ready-immediately, I’m unlikely to go to the trouble of washing, peeling and chopping stuff to make something healthy. I do love a good salad, though…if someone else will take the time to throw it all together!

    • Anya Perry

      Yay! Welcome to the club, Meredith 🙂 Although, I do like to make my own salads… I can make you one 😉

  • tpicou10

    these are some great tips! I especially love what you mentioned about breakfast. I’m trying to work out post baby and keep slacking on being consistent with the first meal of the day. I’ll try your tips. I’ll make sure to pin it as well. Thanks!

    • Anya Perry

      Consistency is key! You welcome – I am here to help!

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