13 Fall Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Spices

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This is how your body responds to the damaged tissue. It is the time it begins to repair. In a way, we would never survive without inflammation doing some important work for us.

It can be both, good and bad. When you work out, for example, you cause some micro-damage, and your white cells come to the rescue to repair the tissue. If you rest up, this inflammation will go away within a  day or two. When you get a cold, your body will kick in a “fighting” gear and will try to repair itself over the course of a few days. This inflammation is temporary, and acute.

On the other hand, let’s say you work out all the time, and you are sore consistently. You can cause your body to have chronic inflammation this way. This can also happen because of poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, over working, etc. Chronic inflammation is the bad guy. Instead of being an acute response to whatever attack your body, it sticks to you like your bestie. It will start creeping in all areas of your life and health: energy levels, resistance to colds and flu, mood swings, appetite, blood pressure, etc. It can lead to a bunch of very unpleasant maladies such as autoimmune disease, chronic allergies, heart disease, obesity, hormonal imbalances, IBS, asthma, and others.   There are plenty of actions you can take to ban this guy from becoming your friend: eat healthily, move daily, sleep well, and reduce stress.

Since it’s the fall already (everything is orange anywhere you go), you can help your body through this season by implementing local, seasonal foods and spices that will prevent and suppress inflammation processes in your body.

Natural Anti-Inflammatory foods:

  • High amount of antioxidants will prevent cell damage in your body;
  • These foods increase good bacteria in your gut (check out this list);
  • They kill bad bacteria;
  • These fall foods and spices help to heal while your body recovers from acute inflammation ( think chicken soup when you have a cold);
  • They make your dishes so colorful and comforting. That’s just a bonus!

13 Fall Anti-Inflammatory natural Foods and Spices

 1. Dark leafy green vegetables restore cellular health and protect your brain. Make kale chips, or wrap your burgers in dark leafy greens!

2. Pumpkin has a lot of vitamins A, C, and E, as well as potassium and zinc for hypertension and immune system support.

3. Sweet potatoes are a complex carb. They are full of beta-carotene, manganese, and vitamin B6 that help to reduce inflammation.

4. Cranberries can assist in decreasing your blood pressure, heal urinary infections, and overcome a cold.

5. Beets have ascorbic acid, flavonoids, and betaine pigments that level your insulin levels, and boost your metabolism.

6. Broccoli is full of vitamin K, antioxidants, and anti-cancer phytonutrients.

7. Tomatoes contain lycopene that helps your brain fight against depression-causing inflammation. Mood boosters!

8. Red Peppers have carotenoids and a ton of vitamin C ( 157% of DV per cup!), and they are considered anti-cancerous food.


9. Garlic has sulfur compounds that stimulate your immune system, and it is also a great remedy for a cold. Add to your meals daily.

10. Cinnamon is a powerhouse! It eases the swelling, lowers your blood sugar, and blocks abnormal cell growth factors. Consume separately from cookies 😉

11. Cloves have eugenol in them help to block inflammation and fight bad bacteria.

12. Ginger can soothe sore muscles and reduce the pain. Add to your warm dishes, or make tea if you have a sore throat.

13. Turmeric – inhibits pro-inflammatory enzymes processes. Add to your curries or stir-frys.

Which ones are your favorite?
Stay healthy,


Author: Anya Perry
Anya Perry battled boring diets, low energy, and declining health for over 10 years before she found what works. Now, she helps women achieve their dream state of health, fitness, and vitality… without the struggles, battles of miserable diets and yo-yo results. She can’t live without coffee and challenges.

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