What if you could love yourself unconditionally and infinitely?!


If you are sick and tired of that voice in your head that whispers... 

  • “I am not good enough.” “I hate mirrors.” “I will never be perfect.” “I am not thin/fit/beautiful/strong enough.” “I have done everything I could to like my body (including 147 diets, and a bazillion number hours at the gym). Nothing works.” “I constantly worry about what others think of me.” “I am scared to be who I truly want to be.” “I feel like I am living someone else’s life.” “I am seeking approval all the darn time. I want people to like me.”  
  • You have the power to kick that voice out of your head FOR GOOD!  
  • What if you can learn how to go from insecure, negative and critical of yourself to a loving, kind, fiercely confident you? Doesn’t that sound AMAZING?  

If I told you that in 7 days you could start to...  

  • Accept yourself fully every day 
  • Use your strengths instead of dwelling on your weaknesses 
  • Ditch toxic, self-deprecating thoughts Forever banish repetitive negative thinking 
  • Reprogram beliefs and stories you keep telling yourself that do not serve you 
  • Create powerful daily rituals to support and love your body and mind 
  • Add pep to your step and shine in your confidence anywhere you go  

SELF-LOVE PRO: 7 Days to Abundant Self-love 


  Here is a truth bomb: you can.

self-love course

The funny thing is, I thought I couldn’t. Years back, I suffered from my own thoughts, past traumatic experiences, bullying, insecurities, fear of public speaking, failed dysfunctional relationships and so much more.  

  • I was terrified I would never like (let alone LOVE) what I saw in the mirror.  
  • I would shake and sweat anytime I needed to enter a room full of people.  
  • My relationships could not work because I was seeking approval instead of appreciating myself.  
  • Perfectionism was making me miserable.  
  • I was a people pleaser, putting others in front of myself.  
  • I compared my qualities and replayed conversations over, and over, and over again to justify my actions. This. Was. Exhausting.  

And one day, I got so freaking damn tired of my own mind.  

So I changed everything. 

I rewired my thinking. I rebooted my mind. I started respecting myself and set boundaries. I replaced all the negativity. I worked through trauma. I built new, beautiful and serving habits. And here is what happened…  

  • I fell in love with myself and the world responded. 
  • I stopped pushing myself to grow in the corporate world and started my own business. I finally found what I wanted to do. 
  • I started seeing so much more beauty in me instead of picking myself apart. 
  • I lost anxiety and depression and started to feel centered, confident, and at peace. 
  • I speak in public with ease and I LOVE it. 
  • I stopped giving a damn about what people think about me. I started to matter. 
  • I let go of perfectionism. Wrinkles on my dress don’t bother me…. much. 
  • I met an amazing guy and moved to the most beautiful place on Earth. We are happily married. 
  • I lost weight, got fit and NEVER will be on a diet again. 
  • I no longer need validation to feel good about myself ( I give myself THE BEST compliments!) 
  • I have the courage to admit I’ll never be perfect and I am okay with that! 
  • I embrace what I am not, and what I haven’t achieved with LOVE for what is still possible.

If I could…so can YOU.  

You could...

  • Get up energized and look forward to your day
  • Free your mind from all the negative baggage an.d mindset blocks.
  • Navigate through those mindset challenges with ease.
  • Smile at your reflection in the mirror and admire what you see.
  • Finally feel like YOU ARE ENOUGH.
  • Show up publicly without being a wallflower. 
  • Feel happy and know that you are loved.
  • Quit miserable diets that leave you feeling deprived and take care of YOUR health.
  • Be your courageous, bold, spunky self everywhere you go.  

In just 7 days I’m going to show you: 

  • How you can start accepting yourself
  • How you can find your strengths and maximize their power while working on your weaknesses 
  • How you can part with the mindset blocks that stop you from being the true you 
  • How you can build easy, short, and powerful rituals that empower you like a Queen Bee! 
  • How you can coach yourself in any challenge that stops you from loving self 
  • How you can show up confidently in your life, business, FB feed, or anywhere you need
  • How you can love yourself (without following any trendy diet)  

7 days. 7 modules. 15-20 minutes a day.  

That’s all it will take for you to feel freed from the burdens of your old way of thinking and start showing yourself love. Ready?

Here's what you can expect from the course:

1. 7 digitally available modules accessible to you anytime. 2. Plenty of worksheets to help you navigate through tiny daily tasks on your way to self-love ( including journal prompts, goal setting and other support tools). 3. Affirmations and mantras that will help you feel like a self-love empress. 4. List of resources (books and movies) I recommend you watch to enhance your learning. 5. Personalized support from me (for VIP tier) – 4 weeks of email support and a 90-minute intensive session (a $497 value).

Module 1: Accept Yourself

  • Learn my best strategies to start accepting and loving yourself 
  • Stay positive when your inner voice is louder than the neighbor’s bad music
  • The secret to focusing on today instead of the past or the future
  • The powerful tool to forgive and let go of anything that bothers you NOW 
  • Master your path to acceptance by taking tiny steps 
  • Start shining and feeling worthy when looking in the mirror 

Module 2: Understand Your Story and Maximize Your Powers

  • Discover your superpowers and unleash them to thrive in your life today 
  • Learn what mindset blocks are stopping you from abundant, unconditional self-love
  • Create a new story and set of beliefs that will enable your gifts, uniqueness, and strengths 
  • My secret tool for owning my inner Superwoman 
  • Feel worthy, deserving, and in charge of your thoughts, your body, your actions, and your life.  

Module 3: Goal Setting Queen.

  •  My simple, effective, and foolproof approach to setting goals 
  • Finding the RIGHT goals that speak to you and will help you heal 
  • Easy-to-follow tracking system to keep your goals in check
  • How to align your long-term desires and short-term incremental goals to stay motivated 
  • My favorite system to use if you lose sight of what is important on your way to more self-love  

Module 4: Ditch the Baggage

  • Drop that heavy stuff that slows you down on your way to success 
  • Start reprogramming your thinking to unleash the best version of YOU
  • How to gently uncork your past and deal with trauma and heartbreak to heal your wounds
  • 4 crucial steps to healing  
  • How to finally step up your game and let go of toxic people, relationships, and things in your life 

Module 5: Create New, Loving Habits  

  •  Bring joy, peace, and mindfulness to your daily routines
  • Create an irresistible set of habits that will push your forward towards loving self 
  • Strategic steps to implement so your new habits and rituals stick 
  • My favorite ways to deal with negative thoughts and ghosts of the past 
  • Create a new you! Become who you want to be proud of, ready to show off and infect others with your confidence and charm!  

Module 6: Channel Your Inner Guru

  • What to do if your path to self-love is rocky 
  • How to become the most supportive person in your life 
  • How to successfully address any challenge on your path to self-love 
  • Mega-toolkit to overcome any curve ball thrown your way
  • Finding your own key to more self-love and honoring your journey 

Module 7: Love Diet Before Any Diet

  • Start finally feeling like you are enough 
  • Stop comparing yourself to other boss babes 
  • Squash your inner critic 
  • Let go of perfectionism
  • Feel like a queen in your skin
  • Nourish your thoughts and body even further  

VIP Support

You'll get a one-time, 90-minute intensive strategy session to create a personalized action plan for your self-love journey. Please email hi@anyaperry.com for further info. The cost is $297 and it includes the course!

“Anya sincerely wants to help you cultivate true self-love so that you can be the best person you can be, and she is very talented and knowledgeable in that area. What you will learn by taking her program is so powerful and valuable. I loved the content of this course and the way it was communicated. She talks with great passion about the topic and it’s easy to understand, plus it made me feel like she really cares. Do yourself a favor and take Self-Love Pro!”

~ Tove K.

“I highly recommend Anya Perry’s Self Love Pro course! We tend to be our own roadblocks for getting what we want, without even realizing it! Anya’s course is the perfect first step to becoming more self- aware to really understanding if we are treating ourselves with the same kindness we expect of others. It is about healing ourselves and getting ourselves open and ready for all the wonderful things we deserve.”

~ Missy B.  

Hi! I'm Anya, your instructor.



I'm a Certified Health and Wellness Coach for women entrepreneurs and high achievers. 

I went through a pretty tough journey to loving and embracing my uniqueness fully. I evolved from a junk food eater, smoker, and a night owl to becoming an early riser, CrossFit athlete, Health Coach and an #improvement junkie. I help women entrepreneurs to enable their inner beauty and strength through healthy relationship with food, movement and mindset.  

So let’s ditch those self-destroying and deprecating thoughts and star to carry your pretty head proudly on your beautiful body and feeling like an EMPRESS in your skin, mind, and life.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Because I know you'd ask.  

Will it take longer than 7 days to feel and see the results I want? -No. If you follow the guidelines and complete your homework (yes, there is homework), you will start to feel amazing in just a couple of days. Any self-work is a process and can take more or less time depending where you are in life.  

When does the course start? - You'll have access to it immediately anytime after September 4th.

Is there a support group for this course? - Not currently, but you can email at hi@anyaperry.com if you have any questions. 

How can I access the modules? - After you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email providing some guidance on that. You’ll get a link to access the course in a private hub where you can download your course worksheets, watch the modules, and post questions.  

Can this course replace therapy for me? - No. This course can only be supplemental and informative tool in your pursuit of inner peace, confidence and balance. I am a Health and Wellness Coach, not a Mental Health Professional. I am not qualified to work with people with serious psychological issues, such as substance abuse, major depression, and personality disorders. If you are struggling with such issues, I recommend you consult with your Mental Health Professional on whether this course is for you. If you currently are in therapy, this course can be a strong complement.

How long are the modules? - Each module is 15-20 minute long. Your homework will take any time you're willing to invest in YOU.