20 Low-Carb Summer Recipes That Are Light and Delicious

Ahhh, summer! The time to wear denim shorts and flowery summer dresses (but not at the same time!). It’s the time to plan your vacation, hang out by the pool with a tasty beverage in your hand, and run outside with your kiddos (or just kick them outside for some alone time)…

Summer is so good for the soul. I’m sure many of us not only enjoy luscious sunshine, greenery, fresh air, and warmth, but delicious mouth-watering summer eats.  I know you’re here for the low carb summer recipe round up but first, let’s talk about the basics.

What You Need to Know about Gluten: 7 Gluten-Free Diet Myths Busted

gluten free diet myths

Gluten has got a bad rap in the last decade. In fact, you can interpret it many ways. Gluten is bad for you, and they say gluten is not bad unless you are one of the rare few that have celiac (gluten intolerance disease). Let’s be honest, they (doctors, researchers, food enthusiasts) say exactly the same things about wine, chocolate, and life in general in the media and research. The wine has antioxidants and is good for you –  but wine is alcohol (neurotoxin), addictive, poisonous, and evil. The research shows both sides of the argument, and then everything is covered by an “everything is good in moderation” hat. Everyone is happy and likes that hat because it puts the blame on someone else. Then we can go our ways and interpret “the facts” just the way we want.

Now, where is the truth though when it comes to gluten? Is a gluten-free diet a myth? Is gluten-free diet a myth that needs to be busted?

A Beginner’s Guide to a Healthy Pantry in 3 Easy Steps

healthy pantry guide

How Healthy is Your Pantry?

When I moved to the United States 8 years ago, a kitchen pantry was my favorite place in the house. I stayed with friends, and I am sure their pantry suffered from my raids every night. As a student, I didn’t have much time to think or care about what was put in my mouth. Most nights I would get a bag (or two!) of extremely buttery popcorn at around midnight, and fill up the entire house with its alluring semi-chemical smells. I was happy because my carb monster was happy. I ate Cheez-its by the bag, and Oreos were my besties. Now we joke about it with my friends, and my pantry looks nothing like it did years before.

First of all, you do not need too much effort to make your pantry healthier. And once it is stocked up, you are less likely to go out of your way to get something bad. Also, you will be making choices based on your taste buds – find your favorites, and keep them on hand.

How Our Food Changed (Plus 3 Tips to Pick The Healthiest Options)

healthy foods to eat

How civilization affected our food and fruit

What you eat today didn’t exist 10,000 years ago. Humans have been able to do miraculous things, and other than some ancient uncultivated jungle fruit, we have changed our environment as well as every single item we eat. We have bred everything to make it bigger, last longer, and grow faster. The question is: are they the healthiest foods to eat?