5 Mistakes People Make Trying to Lose Weight on Low-Carb Diet (and How to Fix Them)

low carb diet
low carb diet mistakes

Hello, friends! How is it going?
It has been an exciting month so far for me. Launching my website, and getting my coaching certification done – I couldn’t be more thrilled doing what I truly love. Plus, I get to experiment with my own nutrition, now that I have this deep knowledge. Today I would love to share some of my experiences with low-carb nutrition.   

5 Tips For Starting A Change

tips for starting a change

It is Friday. The day when your work week is over, you can sneak out of the office early, and rush home. Have you seen people on the road at 5 PM? What’s up with all that rush? I always ask myself: “Are they so unhappy to do what they do at work that rushing home to their only asylum is necessary?” I once interviewed over a hundred of random strangers, asking them if they were happy with what they do in life. Most of them weren’t. What to do when you dislike or despise what you are doing, and want to change that? Is it impossible to start over? Everybody knows how hard it is, and it is even harder to stay on track once you do. Whether it is a new diet, a lifestyle change, or just one tiny habit – ain’t no easy.

One Thing Most Successful People Have In Common ( and 10 Reasons Why)

One Thing Most Successful People Have In Common ( and 10 Reasons Why)


Hey, folks. How is life?

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. Trying to get used to the new area, find some new friends, adapt to my new job (it is fun!), and just finding myself, again. I also try to stay inspired and focused on my path to success no matter what. One of the things that always helped me to stay atop of my game was to read or watch something about very successful people – athletes, actors, politicians, musicians etc.