LCHF 101: How to Successfully Implement Low Carb – High Fat Method

low carb high fat

Low-fat foods became dominant in the stores in the last few decades. We forget that our moms and dads were not concerned about eating low-fat, though. They ate plenty of vegetables, put butter on the meat, and limited processed foods. Some people call low-carb, and high fat diets a fad. Some people do not even want to hear about increasing their fat intake. The rhetoric against fat is so ingrained, that some people cannot even consider any alternative methods.

What’s in the low-carb, high-fat method for you? How to successfully implement it?

How to Choose Your Best Diet Plan (5 Factors to Consider)

choose best diet plan

Did you hear all the recent hype? All the bashing of paleo, all the dashing for DASH diet? Ugh! Things like these make my blood boil. OF COURSE, you will get healthier if you stop eating sodium-heavy foods on DASH (read: the crap straight from the box with a bunch of ingredients you can’t pronounce). Of course, the Mediterranean diet is great (have you seen what Spanish, Italian, or Greek women eat for breakfast? They take a tiny piece of toast and DIP it in a cup of extra virgin olive oil, alongside with their eggs, meats, and veggies). I am trying to be quite politically correct here without bashing the fact that the majority all of these diets include grains. After all, not everyone can commit to a grain-free living. So what is the best diet? How to choose the best diet plan that will work for you?

How to Stay on Track: Healthy Meals for Busy People

healthy meals for busy people

What?! You don’t have time to cook healthy dinners? Who does though?

In fact, one of the most frequent reasons people sacrifice their health to do other “more important” things, is the lack of time. Is there a way to handle our crazy overwhelming lives and eat healthy? Is there a way to succeed in your new journey to a healthier you without failing every time you start? Let’s look at some ways you could cook healthy meals by following a few simple approaches. Where should we start?

The Complete Guide to Intermittent Fasting

intermittent fasting

What if I told you that you can easily ditch calorie counting while embracing fat and losing weight at the same time? Too good to be true?

You see, my life changed when I starting consuming up to a quarter cup of fat first thing in the morning. I lost weight, balanced my hormones, found a healthy relationship with food, and started to love and appreciate my body. Admittedly, it wasn’t simply the inclusion of fats in my breakfast (in the form of a delicious cup of Butter Coffee) that triggered these incredible changes to my body and health. Nope, Butter Coffee itself it’s entirely a magical elixir. Instead, it just happened to be a method for me to incorporate intermittent fasting into my daily routine.

15 Tips to Enjoy the Holidays (and Stay Healthy)

healthy holiday tips

It’s almost that time of the year again (I can’t believe it either!). Soon the little ones will be knocking on our doors in the dark in hopes to get some sweets they’ve been looking for all year long. As adults, while we think “I am purchasing this candy for trick-or-treaters”, some of it disappears waaaaaay before dark. So how do we survive the holidays and not gain a bazillion pounds, especially since the holidays seem to start sooner every year? How do we stay mobile and lucid when stuffing our faces and sitting on the couch are so tempting? Is it possible to replace “Happy holidays!” with “Healthy holidays!”?

A Beginner’s Guide to a Healthy Pantry in 3 Easy Steps

healthy pantry guide

How Healthy is Your Pantry?

When I moved to the United States 8 years ago, a kitchen pantry was my favorite place in the house. I stayed with friends, and I am sure their pantry suffered from my raids every night. As a student, I didn’t have much time to think or care about what was put in my mouth. Most nights I would get a bag (or two!) of extremely buttery popcorn at around midnight, and fill up the entire house with its alluring semi-chemical smells. I was happy because my carb monster was happy. I ate Cheez-its by the bag, and Oreos were my besties. Now we joke about it with my friends, and my pantry looks nothing like it did years before.

First of all, you do not need too much effort to make your pantry healthier. And once it is stocked up, you are less likely to go out of your way to get something bad. Also, you will be making choices based on your taste buds – find your favorites, and keep them on hand.