What You Need to Know about Gluten: 7 Gluten-Free Diet Myths Busted

gluten free diet myths

Gluten has got a bad rap in the last decade. In fact, you can interpret it many ways. Gluten is bad for you, and they say gluten is not bad unless you are one of the rare few that have celiac (gluten intolerance disease). Let’s be honest, they (doctors, researchers, food enthusiasts) say exactly the same things about wine, chocolate, and life in general in the media and research. The wine has antioxidants and is good for you –  but wine is alcohol (neurotoxin), addictive, poisonous, and evil. The research shows both sides of the argument, and then everything is covered by an “everything is good in moderation” hat. Everyone is happy and likes that hat because it puts the blame on someone else. Then we can go our ways and interpret “the facts” just the way we want.

Now, where is the truth though when it comes to gluten? Is a gluten-free diet a myth? Is gluten-free diet a myth that needs to be busted?

LCHF 101: How to Successfully Implement Low Carb – High Fat Method

low carb high fat

Low-fat foods became dominant in the stores in the last few decades. We forget that our moms and dads were not concerned about eating low-fat, though. They ate plenty of vegetables, put butter on the meat, and limited processed foods. Some people call low-carb, and high fat diets a fad. Some people do not even want to hear about increasing their fat intake. The rhetoric against fat is so ingrained, that some people cannot even consider any alternative methods.

What’s in the low-carb, high-fat method for you? How to successfully implement it?

How to Choose Your Best Diet Plan (5 Factors to Consider)

choose best diet plan

Did you hear all the recent hype? All the bashing of paleo, all the dashing for DASH diet? Ugh! Things like these make my blood boil. OF COURSE, you will get healthier if you stop eating sodium-heavy foods on DASH (read: the crap straight from the box with a bunch of ingredients you can’t pronounce). Of course, the Mediterranean diet is great (have you seen what Spanish, Italian, or Greek women eat for breakfast? They take a tiny piece of toast and DIP it in a cup of extra virgin olive oil, alongside with their eggs, meats, and veggies). I am trying to be quite politically correct here without bashing the fact that the majority all of these diets include grains. After all, not everyone can commit to a grain-free living. So what is the best diet? How to choose the best diet plan that will work for you?

How to Stay on Track: Healthy Meals for Busy People

healthy meals for busy people

What?! You don’t have time to cook healthy dinners? Who does though?

In fact, one of the most frequent reasons people sacrifice their health to do other “more important” things, is the lack of time. Is there a way to handle our crazy overwhelming lives and eat healthy? Is there a way to succeed in your new journey to a healthier you without failing every time you start? Let’s look at some ways you could cook healthy meals by following a few simple approaches. Where should we start?

How Low Heart Rate Training Can Benefit Your Health

low heart rate training

How often do you go to the gym and think “Well, I should do some cardio today”? Does “cardio” mean torturing yourself on a treadmill? Does it involve the Stairmaster AKA Death machine?

To be honest with you, many of us are brainwashed (or cardio-washed?) by the media that hardcore cardio is the way to go. And it is true, cardio is fantastic for burning fat, building muscle, feeling great, and pumping your heart. Hey, even cleaning up your house can be a good cardio workout. In fact, low heart rate workouts can be very beneficial for your health. The problem is…many people don’t know the difference between cardio and the metabolic effects of it on our bodies. Why is it a problem?

27 Useful and Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas

healthy christmas gift ideas

Yessss! It is THIS time of the year. Time to get your Christmas shopping done. Unless you started that back in April…haha.
Every year people around the world get puzzled on what to get for their nearest and dearest for Christmas. Additionally, millions and millions of people sum up their achievements for the year, make conclusions, and set up new heights to reach in the next year. Are you one of these people? Would you like to spoil someone you love yet the gift needs to be useful for their health or fitness? Check out these 27 Christmas gift ideas that are useful for your health. Remember: you can start your health journey any day, without waiting for “after the holidays” time.