Stress management: How to handle different aspects of your stress in the most holistic way

stress management tips

Tell me a secret. Do you know anyone who’s never been stressed? Like, ever?

I don’t. We are human beings, we get overwhelmed, overstimulated, and stressed. We stress eat, stress drink, stress sleep and do other not so healthy things when we lose control over our body. It’s normal. Can you create a healthy stress management routine for all life’s occasions? Sure! In this post, we will talk about the most holistic stress management tips you can implement in no time.

How to Stay on Track: Healthy Meals for Busy People

healthy meals for busy people

What?! You don’t have time to cook healthy dinners? Who does though?

In fact, one of the most frequent reasons people sacrifice their health to do other “more important” things, is the lack of time. Is there a way to handle our crazy overwhelming lives and eat healthy? Is there a way to succeed in your new journey to a healthier you without failing every time you start? Let’s look at some ways you could cook healthy meals by following a few simple approaches. Where should we start?

The Best Gut Healing Foods for Leaky Gut

The Best Gut Healing Foods for Leaky Gut

gut healing foods

Our gut does the most important job after we eat. It is a very powerful part of the body that affects so many internal systems in the best or worst possible ways. Do you know that millions of people have a leaky gut syndrome, and they don’t even know about it?

Leaky Gut Treatment in Modern Medicine

Unfortunately, doctors often overlook the importance of gut microbiome and get rid of us quickly trying to cure the symptoms. They prescribe a quick fix-it-all pill. While I truly respect modern medicine, I also believe that holistic methods are effective, and in many cases proactive when it comes to gut health. Maybe because I grew up in Soviet Russia where any malady was cured by hand-picked herbs and roots? Never having taken any drugs till the age of 21, I was pretty impressed with all the “band-aid” solutions for…pretty much anything when it comes to modern illnesses.

Don’t get me wrong, please. Hats off to doctors – they do an amazing job on saving lives – but let’s focus on the main issue here. Our nutrition causes problems to our gut. On top of other problems with conventionally prescribed routines (high-carbohydrate, low-fat and “cholesterol inducing” diets), the number of people unaware of their gut problems is growing. There are other factors besides from poor nutrition that can affect our gut flora and functions, and we need to get more educated about them. Anyone can truly benefit from this knowledge and help to prevent the leaky gut syndrome.

Are you Chronic? (5 Signs You Need to Change Your Exercise Program)

Are you Chronic? (5 Signs You Need to Change Your Exercise Program)

exercise program

Today I caught myself thinking: I really would not mind taking a few days off from my training. I have not been feeling burnt out yet there is a consistent soreness, fatigue, and lack of motivation, My ambitious pursuits keep me moving very consistently. Do not get me wrong – I love my soul mate workouts –  CrossFit and long distance running. But I also love making progress and feeling refreshed and happy post-workout. Does your exercise program make you happy?