Ready to get your life back and feel accomplished without overwhelm?

You are running at full speed, all the time.
Your schedule is filled with tasks and you are proud of your professional success.
You’re working so hard and beamingly call yourself a high achiever.
You inspire other women and your family is in awe of what you’re capable of.

What others don’t see, though, is that you’re feeling like you’re breaking down.

Your stress is running high, your personal life is out of balance, and your healthy habits are the first to go when life gets busy.
You’re wondering if it’s even possible to have it all, a fulfilling career with a sense of peace, calm, and balance in your life.

Does it sound like you?

You want more time for your family and yourself but it seems impossible right now
You want to have more abundant energy to do the things you love
You want to stop feeling behind and be able to rest without guilt
You want to be more focused, relaxed and centered without giving up on your goals
You want to carve out time for yourself and take care of your well-being 
This is what I’ll tell you after working 80-hour weeks, commuting for 20 hours across the country, and facing burnout (not fun!) 3 times in my career:

There is a way to have it all!


I can’t believe my energy levels. I finally put my phone down, stopped scrolling, and actually became productive. Anya helped me identify my most productive, prime time of the day, stop my inner perfectionist getting in the way and actually get stuff done! My sales doubled in the last quarter because I took the time for ME. I had such a hard time committing to a balanced, healthy lifestyle before but this is working for me so well! I am so deeply grateful for everything she’s done for me. ~Elena

As a recovering workaholic and perfectionist, I worked my booty off since I was a teenager. I’ve immigrated twice (not without problems), I am a serial entrepreneur who LOVES her job and clients, and I am multi-passionate (full time athlete, dog mom of 3, a wife, a very avid reader).

I used to have a long laundry list of things to do on my only half day off. I had a case of Smondays with anxiety running through the roof and my stress management was non-existent. I coped with it all in so many *healthy* ways: alcohol, junk food and sugar, more work, marathon training, and more.
I felt miserable in my skin while everyone was praising and admiring me for “doing all the things”.
Until I realized that; 1) I can’t go on like this forever 2) I don’t have to give up my success 3) I can, indeed, have it all – a successful career/business AND the life you love. 
I am here today to show you how it can be done without putting your life on hold.

Together, we will:

  • Get your energy levels back up and multiply them
  • Find the life/work balance so you can do things you love (it exists)
  • Establish proper boundaries to avoid overwhelm and burnout
  • Turn you into a stress management PRO!
  • Prioritize your well-being over your achievements for even better results
  • Nourish your body and mind via healthy, simple, sustainable habits that make you feel like a million bucks
  • Empower your mind to handle procrastination, self-sabotage, perfectionism, and lack of confidence


What will be possible if you’re feeling at peace, worthy, in balance, and like you’re THE CEO of your life?

You decide.

One of my favorite part of your program has been utilizing all the resources you have provided me with, apps, the mindset tools I can use when I’m facing challenges. These have been instrumental in helping me expand my knowledge.  I have also learned how to implement various positive habits in my day-to-day activities, like drinking more water or getting better at setting a bed routine that I know I am going to stick with.  I have gained a better understanding of myself, such as when we talked about reprogramming our mindset and how perspective can really redirect our thoughts in a positive direction in order to make our goals more attainable. You provided me with a ton of support, and you have always made sure to ask if there is more or less support that you can give me. I am so glad to have gotten the chance to work with you!  ~ Michelle

Hi! I am Anya. I’m a performance and mindset coach who’s obsessed with seeing you THRIVE in all areas of your life. After spending 2/3s of my life pursuing success and running myself into the ground, I’ve completely transformed my life (and many lives of my clients).

As a recovering workaholic and perfectionist, I worked my booty off since I was a teenager. I’ve immigrated twice (not without problems), I am a serial entrepreneur who LOVES her job and clients, and I am multi-passionate (full-time athlete, dog mom of 3, a wife, and a very avid reader).

For years, I coped with high stress and overwhelm in so many *healthy* ways: alcohol, junk food and sugar, more work, marathon training, and more. But after my turning point 8 years ago, I’ve completely overhauled my mindset, habits and approach to living life. Now I get to use my abundant energy on things I love while staying calm, centered, and focused.
In this epic VIP coaching program, you and I will become a team to help you unleash your fullest potential, get your life and energy back without sacrificing things you love.

Here’s what’s included in this 3-month transformational program:

  • Bi-weekly 60-min coaching calls

  • 1-post completion coaching call (within 6 months)

  • Unlimited access to me via email and Voxer (Mon-Friday)

  • BONUS #1 : access to all of my exclusive programs and content (reserved for clients only)

  • BONUS #2: Access to anything I launch during the timeframe we work together

  • FAST-ACTING BONUS: Get your 4th month of coaching for free ($497 value): apply to qualify within 48 hours, and get 1 coaching call + unlimited support for 4 months total.


When January hit, I was in “All or nothing” mode. I’m either going to work out 5 days a week, or I’m going to eat cake. You really helped me to think about how I can take 1 day at a time, and figure it out. And I really thank you for that. I’m a mom of two, and a nurse who’s vaccinated over 2,000 people in my community with the COVID vaccine this month, I had it tough. If I was in my previous mentality, I probably would have just given up on taking care of me for a long time. Now I truly find my new, healthier identity – Zen Lucy, and I am feeling so good about my life right now. Thank you! ~Lucy

P.S. Spots are limited.

You must apply to qualify for the program. Extended payment plans are available.