Progress or Perfection? 3 Secrets That Will Inspire Your Body Transformation


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What comes to your mind when you hear the words “body transformation”? Do you visualize the “before and after” pictures you can see scrolling through your social media feed? Do you think of the participants of “The Biggest Loser ?” Or do you wish YOU had a body transformation, but you seem to be stuck in the vicious circle of trying to lose weight, lean out, build muscle, get healthier? Whether you want to learn how to cook healthier meals, compete in Tough Mudder, or run a 5K, there is always a  body transformation you wish for. It will be something you want: your body changing its shape or your mental and emotional health getting more stable. It can be the part of you that is responsible for spirituality and connection with others. All of these complete the transformation within you.

On average, 44 millions of Americans start a diet every year trying to transform their body or health. SAY WHHHHAAT?! That’s so crazy to me. With all the means we have on hand: information, medical professionals, support groups, you’d think the success rate has to be higher, and this number much, much lower!!

Today I would love to talk about your personal journey. How can you get inspired to transform your body just the way you want? Are you a progress or perfection lover?

Body Transformation is a process

When you plant a tree, you don’t expect it to be the height of your house next morning, do you? Often it’s hard to be reasonable when it comes to growth. We put in the work, quite often hard work. We expect the results. If results are not what we wanted, we get disappointed. Then it depends on the person – some people start over, some quit. Some stay in between, playing on their own nerves instead of taking action: wanting the change but not appreciating the progress or not knowing how to succeed. And that’s ok! It is in our nature to learn. Also, it’s normal to get discouraged, disappointed, and regretful. What’s important is how you treat your body transformation, and how you move on.

Progress or Perfection?

Let me give you an example. Here is Lucy, a 35-year old woman weighing 235 pounds. She is unhappy in her relationship with her boyfriend, stress eats and does not have time to exercise. She tries, loses a few pounds, and something happens – a problem at work, a conflict at home, a sad episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”… And Lucy finds herself in the kitchen late night eating a pint of ice cream. She is frustrated and ready to quit her health journey. She slipped already, and “what’s the point, I will never be thin”. Lucy starts over, and over again. She ends up frustrated more and more.

And here is Angela, 35-year old woman who lost 70 pounds in the last year. She is happy with her body now, yet she wants more. Angela wants that pint of ice cream right after the saddest episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”, but instead she makes sure she has a healthier snack on hand. She may even not touch the snack tonight because it’s been 3 weeks since she had a treat, and she wants to continue her healthy streak. Angela struggled at the beginning just like her friend Lucy did. The difference is Angela chose to keep going. She would praise herself in the mirror each morning. Also, she made sure that toxic, unsupportive people are out of her life. She will strive for a small daily progress over a huge win. In the end, she will win big.

Body transformation in the real world

See what I mean? Unfortunately, things are even more complicated in reality. We are complicated: we have emotional anchors, connections, addictions, and superstitions. Even more, we have conditioned beliefs. We are the kids of our parents, and often it hurts us instead of helping us get better, stronger, leaner, and smarter. Omnipresent media poisons us by saying “You need to get skinny”, “It’s okay to stay overweight”, or “You need to have this to be successful”. There is so much noise.

How can you find your own way, and transform your body just the way YOU need? 

Progress or perfection: What is healthier?

I will tell you the ugly truth. I, Anya Perry am a recovering perfectionist. Since I was little, I hated small scratches, dings or dents on anything new. I needed my books to be in a perfect order on my shelves. A small pimple on my face could ruin my mood for a week. Any extra body fat, any body imperfections were pissing me off. Daily, monthly, year in, year out. At some point I found myself deeply depressed, unhappy, eating junk, and being the least fit person on Earth (it seemed that way sometimes!). I hit my rock bottom and had to learn.

I bought a bunch of books, started running, meditating, and working on my own issues. The more I practiced to let go, the better I felt. Finding that true love for yourself was life-changing for me. Of course, there was so much more to me that I knew about – my body was WAY stronger than I ever thought. I could fuel it with the right foods, and it felt AMAZING. The universe around me started to respond to my internal changes, and with each day they seemed easier. I chose to be surrounded by amazing people. Finally, I got my health back – I stopped getting sick, my acne disappeared, and I lost weight that I could not rid of for years.

Acceptance was my rule number one.

Letting go of unimportant stuff was rule number two.

Working on my own body transformation was my most important guiding tool, completing my trifecta of self-love, care, and progression.

Perfectionist’s paradise

I am still in recovery. Yeah, it sounds like a recovering alcoholic. In my case, it was an addiction. It was killing me from inside, making my life and health miserable. Additionally, since my body, emotional and mental health were important to me, they suffered a great amount. I felt like I was punishing myself for it. I was never good enough. Even when I started eating Paleo back in 2012, I still felt the huge pressure of finding grass-fed meat, obsessing about any small imperfection when it came to the ingredients of my meals. It was too much. I thought that perfectionists like me live in the paradise of organized and perfect things. Everything works like a perfectly oiled machine. In fact, it was a hell for me. It still is if I allow myself get back to my old habits.

So I let go. While opting in for progress instead of perfection wasn’t easy, it has provided so much for me to the day. Suddenly, I never gain too much weight that is hard to lose. My body appreciates the foods I feed it, despite the quality of the foods not always being 100% local, organically grown, grass-fed, bulletproof, nitrate-free, you name it. The point is to try! Everything can’t be perfect, but a little effort goes a long way. I chose 95/5 ratio for me to live healthfully. Sometimes it shifts to 90/10, and I am okay with that.

3 Secrets That Will Inspire Your Body Transformation

If progress versus perfection is your current battle when it comes to YOUR body transformation, here are a few surprising things for you to remember:

  1.  You will go further in your health/fitness/self-care journey if you focus on progress.
  2.  Suddenly, you will discover some amazing traits you had hidden but they were under pressure, self-demands, and lack of support.
  3. You will exit the vicious circle of starting, quitting, starting over for GOOD. Failure will be no longer an option for you.

Ironically, you will reach your own perfection faster than you think. I would not call it perfection, though 🙂

What are your thoughts? Are you in Progress or Perfection camp?

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Author: Anya Perry
Anya Perry battled boring diets, low energy, and declining health for over 10 years before she found what works. Now, she helps women achieve their dream state of health, fitness, and vitality… without the struggles, battles of miserable diets and yo-yo results. She can’t live without coffee and challenges.

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