Your Guide to Non-Toxic Skincare and Makeup

non-toxic skincare makeup

Are you feeling awesome because you are already on track with your diet and exercise? I am so happy for you, and it’s fantastic if that’s the case. Cleaning up your food and picking the best, most nourishing ingredients for yourself can indeed, be life-changing. You already invested in healthier food choices, more time to move often. You can be ready for anything else life throws at you, just by looking around to see what else can affect your health in a negative way. Many things can still affect your health without eating them! Keep reading to learn more…

Are your cosmetics products toxic?

While we can not control some major factors – environment, laws for toxic ingredients, etc, we can definitely control what products we use in our homes – what we wash our hair with, what soap we use, what lipstick and mascara goes on our face, and what sunscreen is not filled with a bunch of harmful chemicals.

Bad news: You are surrounded by crappy products full of toxic ingredients that might influence your health daily.

Good news: You are in charge of what you put on your skin, hair, nails, and what you breathe in and out. What are the consequences of using toxic products?

Toxic skincare products and makeup negative effects:

  1. They cause allergies, skin toxicities, and hormone disruption
  2. Their use is linked to asthma, organ toxicity, and cancer
  3. They may lead to birth defects and infertility
  4. Toxic skincare and makeup products can harm our immune system
  5. They can cause headaches, migraines, and fatigue
  6. Not every company is green and cruelty-free…if you care.

My story with non-toxic makeup and skincare goodies

It took me quite a few years to figure this out. Learning about food and the best ingredients for my optimal health was important… but once I cleaned up that part, I started craving more health and wellness in all areas of my life. I started looking at my household goods first, but it was so overwhelming that I stopped using everything and switched to the minimum of using baking soda + apple cider vinegar. When it came to shampoos, lotions, and any products for my face and makeup…I felt so lost. Is this a good product? Is it toxic? Who wants to read 99 ingredients on the label and research them all?

The second problem I had with natural skin care and makeup, was that I was demanding. I believe in the quality of things and I would rather spend more on good products that save money and toss stuff that frustrates me. Sounds like you?

It literally took a few years of discovering new brands, connecting with them, trying, learning how they do things, learning about the best deals and places on the internet to shop for them without breaking the bank for some fancy serum, that will do nothing for my skin. To save you some time, here are first and foremost ingredients in your cosmetics you should avoid at all costs:

The most toxic makeup and skincare ingredients:

  1. Parabens – (crazy words starting with propyl-, methyl-, isobutyl-, and others) are hormone-disrupting substances. You can find them in shampoos, body and facial washes, lotions, and other products.
  2. Phthalates DBP, DEHP, DEP and other alphabet soup ingredients are the bad boys that disrupt your endocrine system and found in hairspray, nail polish, fragrances and such.
  3. Fragrances can cause reproductive issues and are found in so many products! Basically, it is synthetic fragrances that are derived from petrochemicals. You really don’t need them on your skin, our largest organ!
  4. Lead – Chances are, your lipstick has it.
  5. BHT and BHA. They are found in lipstick, mascaras, and other items. These are synthetic “preservatives” to prolong the shelf life. These substances can cause liver damage and hormonal disruption.
  6. Formaldehyde – a known carcinogen that is also linked to asthma, neurotoxicity, and developmental toxicity. Found in shampoo and other cleansing products.
  7. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate are allergens and skin irritation triggering substances found in shampoo, face and body wash and lotions.

I can continue for a long time but these are the harshest and most used items. I truly hope I don’t need to tell you that conventional deodorant has aluminum that may increase the risk of breast cancer. Toss it and get a good one!


  1. Learn. Do your research. Because the government is yet to implement new laws regarding these substances – it takes them some time to catch up on research (if ever). But you can make better choices today by educating yourself. Check EWG – their database for cosmetics and other products. You can download their Healthy Living app and look cool scanning barcodes at Ulta (good luck finding anything clean there but probably, semi-decent Tarte hehe).
  2. Find brands you like and trust. Try a few and find your favorites in terms of quality and price
  3. DIY – it is not that hard, and investing in well-sourced ingredients + making your own stuff will make you feel safe and secure.

What can you replace them with ( my top 5 favorite brands) and places to shop at? ( NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. It means I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase through that link to keep me caffeinated this site growing. I only ever recommend things I have used and absolutely love. Thank you for your support and encouragement!)

Your Guide to Non-toxic Skincare and Makeup


Tallow – in the purest form – that’s what they use for their body butter, facial moisturizers and chapstick. Their products smell divine, never leave any residue, and, most importantly, last a long time! Fat stick and deodorant are my top 2 favorites!

2. Beautycounter.

First of all, I love how passionate and determined this company is about clean cosmetics. I am sure with their efforts, we are going to have more regulations passed to get rid of toxic ingredients in our makeup and cosmetics! Secondly, the community is amazing! My favorite products? Charcoal Bar + Countermatch facial lotion. BTW, their makeup lines are used by pro make-up artists in LA, the mecca of all high-quality fancy things.

3. Herbivore Botanicals

I am in love with everything about this brand. The smells, the quality of ingredients, the people behind the brand – everything! My favorite is jasmine body oil and their Moonfruit night treatment (it is phenomenal!).

4. Primally pure.

This brand uses 100%. natural skincare products made with the nourishing ingredients on the planet! Their texturizing dry shampoo is da bomb!

5.  W3ll People.

I love their mascara, concealer, and brightener stick! This brand keeps their prices in a very affordable range, and the variety of products + their quality is amazing!

More of my favorites:

If you discovered the power of clean eating and happy movement…it’s time to work on other dimensions of your healthier life! Tell me about your makeup and cosmetics – what do you use daily?

Author: Anya Perry
Anya Perry battled boring diets, low energy, and declining health for over 10 years before she found what works. Now, she helps women achieve their dream state of health, fitness, and vitality… without the struggles, battles of miserable diets and yo-yo results. She can’t live without coffee and challenges.

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