One Thing Most Successful People Have In Common ( and 10 Reasons Why)


Hey, folks. How is life?

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. Trying to get used to the new area, find some new friends, adapt to my new job (it is fun!), and just finding myself, again. I also try to stay inspired and focused on my path to success no matter what. One of the things that always helped me to stay atop of my game was to read or watch something about very successful people – athletes, actors, politicians, musicians etc.

Success Is Not Easy

Recently I have witnessed a very interesting interview with Michael Phelps, American competition swimmer and the most decorated Olympian of all the time. Shockingly, I learned that he had some serious problems with alcohol in the recent past. It was hard to believe that the fastest swimmer on this planet might have experienced something like this. My personal image of him included the healthiest, strongest, and fastest machine-like human. However, as Michael himself says “Goals should never be easy”, he handled those hard events in life(including DUI and being banned from competing for months) with dignity and ownership. And then, just a couple of days ago I found out he qualified for three, not one, Olympic events at Rio 2016. I am sure he trained like hell, and he also just had a baby coming to the family so sleep training was fun as well.  How amazing is it?

One thing successful people have in common

Why am I bringing this up? Because if you look at the life of most successful people, whether it is Steve Jobs, Kevin Hart, Michele Obama or a girl next door, at some point in life they took care of their body. Being healthy matters, guys.

What’s up with healthy living? Personally, I am obsessed with it. I will do anything to squeeze in a workout any day because it makes me feel good. Why would I not do more of something that makes me feel good? Also, eating healthy has become a huge part of my life. I could probably be accused in being the most hypocritical person here because I was a chain smoker in the past eating sugar for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not going back to that life, my friends. Some people who achieved incredible success in their life say it is because they get up at 4 AM to do most of the work, some say it is because they have such understanding and supportive family, etc. There are plenty of answers and tips out there to learn from the best on this planet. I have researched and explored so many biographies, and most of them conclude with the same. Build a healthy base for your life. Eat well, sleep tight, exercise, and create a healthy environment around yourself.

Ten Reasons for Healthy and Active Lifestyle

Why work out and watch what you eat? Do you choose who you spend your times with? Why is sleep not overrated? Here are my top picks.

1. You will feel happier.

Trust me, that candy bar can live without you. But if you consume real foods, drink plenty of water ( not beer!), and get moving once a day, you will feel great.

2. Fighting stress will be easier.

Whether it is stress about an upcoming report at work, or your car having a new dent in it, exercise will give you enough endorphins to forget the bad stuff. Remember, “It Happens”.

3. You will live longer.

Do I need to expand on that?:)

4. Your better looking and healthier body is the best confidence boost.

More confidence = more daring attempts to go for something you want badly. How about finally asking that cute girl out?

5. Working out and eating healthy will save you money.

I know organic produce is expensive and gym memberships are not cheap. On the other hand, perusing some local farmers markets for good deals, and having a gym at home does not cost much in comparison to future medical bills you will receive if you don’t take care of yourself now.

6. It disciplines you. 

I know you will say “I have no time for that”, and I will say “Make time for that”. Because in the end, if you create time for exercise and eating real food, you will be feeling more energetic and organized knowing it is your priority. More discipline, more tasks accomplished equals more success.

7. More creativity, positivity, and happiness.

That simple.  Personally, I love using my long runs as almost a meditation to come up with business ideas, plan my day, solve any issues I have in my heart. It literally clears my mind and makes me happy.

8. Happier people around you.

While I totally understand your desire to crash on the couch after a day of stressful meetings, I say grab your partner’s hand and go for a walk. Or lift weights. It is scientifically proven that not only your chick-a-boom-boom times will be hotter and better, your partner will be much happier as well. All chemistry, folks. Don’t have a partner? Grab a friend and go biking.

9. Your attitude changes for the better.

Struggling when working out will make fighting life’s problems easier. Or maybe it is because you will be getting stronger and healthier?

10. Eating healthy and exercising is a great base for any successful endeavor.

“In fitness, much like in business, there are pushes for personal achievement that often make you goal-oriented. There’s also a quest to push yourself to the limit—you come to understand what’s possible and what isn’t.”(Borrowed from here)

Have I convinced you yet? Off for a walk.


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Author: Anya PerryAnya Perry battled boring diets, low energy, and declining health for over 10 years before she found what works. Now, she helps women achieve their dream state of health, fitness, and vitality… without the struggles, battles of miserable diets and yo-yo results. She can’t live without coffee and challenges.

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