Winter Skin Care Routine: 7 Tips for Perfect Skin Naturally

winter natural skincare tips

Ugh, winter again! While the holidays are fantastic by themselves – all the family gatherings, time with friends, our favorite foods – it is the time of the year when our body and skin takes a toll. Not only do we often indulge in things we probably shouldn’t, we often don’t pay close attention to our body’s needs. That’s okay, we are humans and SHOULD indulge (sometimes). If you live in the northern hemisphere, it is the time of the year when your skin suffers from cold temperatures, excessive room temperatures and dry air inside, snow, rain, and the list goes on.  A Winter Wonderland looks wonderful when you are inside, and when your skin does not feel like the cracked soil of a desert. Add itching, peeling, blemishes, irritation, and forever dryness…The list never ends. So I wondered, was there a natural winter skincare routine that could help us handle the cold season?

My skincare story

Skin is our largest organ, and it can get pretty frustrating when it does not look or feel good. I remember the times when I had such severe acne, and winter time was a nightmare. All I wanted to do is to cover up in scarves, hats, long sleeve clothes and never leave the house. Makeup would only make the matters worse, and my nutrition was waaaaay far from perfect (I lived off grilled cheese, Cheez-Its, and Boston crème donuts). It was depressing.

I could not understand that the majority of skin problems come from nutrition, and I tried every possible drug and lotion out there. Finally, when I got fed up feeling crappy and changed my life for better by switching to Paleo/Primal in 2012, my skin cleared a lot (if we are what we eat, then I am an avocado!). Although, I still had some troubles taking care of my stubborn skin issues in the winter. Eating healthy, nutritious meals and hydrating properly is a half of the deal. Here is a combination of winter skincare tips that worked like magic for me, my girlfriends, and even my husband. 

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Winter Skincare Routine: 7 Tips for Your Perfect Skin Naturally

  1.  Dry brushing.

    Skin needs exfoliation, and even more so in the winter. Sometimes body scrubs dry out all the moisture from our skin, and they are not recommended to be used often. Dry brushing has become pretty popular lately, and it makes sense: you will get rid of dead cells more effectively, bringing blood to the surface of your skin (hello, fresh glowy skin!), and massage your body gently. Plus, it feels like someone is giving you back scratches all over your body – oh yeah, baby! This is the brush I use and love.

  2.  Plenty of healthy fats (and Omega 3s).

    Fat is an essential part of our diet, and even more so in the winter. Omega 3s to Omega 6s ratio is very important for healthy gut, bones, heart, cancer prevention, it is also beneficial for our skin. Think of pampering your skin in terms of feeding your belly: eat avocados, coconut products, fatty fish, leafy greens, and some nuts (walnuts are best). Check out this interesting article as well!

  3.  Anti-inflammatory diet.

    Yes, sugar and grains are the enemies of our skin. I said good-bye to severe acne one I switched to sugar-free, and grain-free lifestyle. Yet, often our skin needs some extra help from within. To reduce inflammation, incorporate anti-inflammatory foods along with minimizing grains and sugar. Consider adding these natural foods and spices to your winter meals:

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  1.  Apply fats externally.

    Yes, slather that coconut oil on yo’ face. Make an avocado mask. Help your hair with some olive or coconut oil. And most importantly, use naturally derived, organic cosmetics for moisturizing, cleansing, and pampering your skin in the winter.  I love Fatco company. Their products are tallow-based (mooo!), made with organic ingredients, and smell divine. My favorites are Fat Stick and Myrrhaculous face cream.

5.  Oil cleansing method.

Also, once you start putting good oils on your skin (remember, oil will deplete the extra oil your skin secrets), check out this method for cleansing. It works especially great for your skincare routine in the winter – and takes minutes! Your pores will become much cleaner and smaller, and skin will be perfectly hydrated and cleansed. Plus, it helps with acne like no other drugs! Click through to read on how to do oil cleansing

6.   Collagen.

Extra collagen. All the collagen you can take. Make all-natural gummies with gelatin, add it to your shakes, coffee, soup – anywhere. Your gut flora, skin, nails, hair, and bones will appreciate it so much. My favorite is Vital proteins (check it out below) collagen peptides. They help to build new collagen by providing specific amino acids. In addition, if you an active athlete like yours truly, your muscles recovery time will be reduced, and it will help with injury-free living. Imagine: you will be an eternally living, young looking, strong athlete with glowing skin and a healthy gut. How does that sound?

TRY THIS:  Vital Proteins Pasture-Raised Collagen

7. Replace your makeup.

Please, toss all the chemicals. I know, they perform well and make you feel pretty. Over time, though, they will harm your skin and organs because most of them are toxic. Don’t want to give in? Use Beautycounter – high-performing, all-natural and non-toxic makeup and skincare company. It changed my life! Their charcoal mask and mascara are THE BOMB.

Here is another great article if you have any skin conditions.

Nothing too complicated, right? Honestly, while changing my nutrition to take a good care of my health was one of the best decisions ever, tossing all of my “high-performing, blemish-masking makeup” was the best thing ever. Now I can take the trash out without putting a layer of concealer and foundation on. After all, the natural beauty comes from within mostly. You just need to help your skin through the winter with these little actions. Trust me, it will thank you back. And you will receive many compliments on your glowing, healthy and nourished skin.

What are your winter skincare routines? Do you struggle with cold weather?

Happy winter!

Author: Anya Perry
Anya Perry battled boring diets, low energy, and declining health for over 10 years before she found what works. Now, she helps women achieve their dream state of health, fitness, and vitality… without the struggles, battles of miserable diets and yo-yo results. She can’t live without coffee and challenges.


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    What great tips! I needed to read this today because my skin feels so dry right now.

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    Thanks for the helpful tips! Wintertime is so rough on my skin.

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    I wish I could add something more to what you said above! But you wrote all the routine procedures that are perfect for skin.

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      Thank you, Veronica! I am happy to hear you liked this post.

  • Hannah Adkins

    I agree that a lot of skin issues and problems come with our diet. Drinking more water always helps my skin feel healthier

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      Thanks, Hannah! I absolutely agree – hydration is key!

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