Eat well and thrive is a program for women who are ready to finally unleash their superpowers – i.e. their abundant health, never-ending energy, massive confidence and unlimited wealth in all areas of their lives.

My course allows you to unlock the power of optimal health by creating the healthiest habits that serve YOU –  they are your key to thriving in your life, relationships, and business.

I offer 3 or 6-month coaching programs for female entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to create a POSITIVE and PERMANENT change for their bodies and minds.

Are you ready to...

Feel energized, alive, and beautiful every hour of the day while you are building your empire?
Are you tired of trying every recipe in the book to shed those 15 pounds? Fixing your sleep? Finding the best workout (the one you actually enjoy)?Are you ready for a long-term change?

Transform your life and FINALLY start living to your full potential in your new, limitless body!

Now is the time to take action

Get your head out of the sand!
Face your fears. You are afraid of failing. Will you always hate your body, your fat rolls, your unhealthy eating patterns, your bingeing, and laziness? NO! You are ready to uncover your beauty and live your life to the fullest.

Fix your health – your biggest asset for your life and business success. If you have no energy, your business, your relationships, your goals, and dreams will have none either. It’s time to recharge and skyrocket your health journey!

Learn how you can ENJOY healthy living without spending tons of time and money on cooking, exercising, dieting, and struggling with just another approach. Revamp your health now – it’s so easy when you have a system in place!

I know right now you are struggling with...

Finding time for you when your schedule is so packed, and everything needs your attention

Figuring out what to eat besides boring chicken and broccoli to lose those annoying 15 pounds (or more)

Hating your body, picking on yourself, feeling insecure, and negatively self-talking every day, while avoiding the mirror as much as possible

Suffering at the gym for hours to undo all the damage from a friend’s birthday over the weekend

Starting over, and over, and over again with another nutrition plan, and barely making through before you slip and slide again

Wishing you could have more energy, discipline, fewer pounds, better skin, fewer health issues… Trust me, I know exactly how you feel.

My name is Anya Perry, I am a health coach, self-love advocate, and your new best friend.
I help passionate female entrepreneurs and high-performers to uncover their inner beauty, energy, and strength by creating an abundance of optimal health.
I teach healthy habits applied to nutrition, movement, and wellness to women who can’t wait to have more from life – more energy, more vibrant health, more abundance, and more confidence in their skin.
I work with clients who are determined and ready to revamp their health, restart their habits, and commit to a lifelong change. They are ready to prioritize self, take brave steps and achieve impactful results they have been dreaming of for a long time. They no longer want excuses but urgently want a change – in their body, mind, and soul. They want to love and embrace their beauty and make it shine – in their family, business, and self-growth.  Are you with me?
I spent years trying new diets – anything from vegan, vegetarian to Paleo. I hated so many things about my body, I could not even bring myself to start solving my issues with food and eating patterns. I was a smoker, a party girl who stayed up all night – after years of such lifestyle, I hit rock bottom. I gained weight, I was anemic, had blood pressure and skin problems, digestive issues and hormonal imbalance. I was so unhappy in relationships, especially with my own self. I had to do something, and I found a perfect solution to being able to eat food (which I love), and thrive. Do you want to join me?
Years later, after I became the healthiest, happiest, and most successful I had ever been, I realized how many women around me struggled with the same issues every single day. Struggling quietly, trying to find a solution, trying different methods and seeing what’s going to stick.
How many of us put a looser top on, pass by a mirror without even looking up, and hope there is no one at the gym so we can work out a bit without feeling judged? I’ve been in these shoes, often too depressed, upset, and unhappy with how I looked. And then, I discovered my amazing balance which led to personal optimal health and happiness. You can, too!
Ever since I got my health back,  my girlfriends started asking “what happened to you, why are you glowing?” – I knew that I had answers. What to eat, how to exercise, how to treat your body right, how to never be on a diet again. I loved sharing my passion for healthy eating, and loved seeing women transforming their health. That’s how I knew I wanted to do it every day – there is nothing better than seeing a happy woman enjoying her vibrant joyful self!
In my ideal world (something I’m working on every day), I see millions of healthy, beautiful, thriving women happily doing what they love.
I truly take pride in endlessly educating myself on the topics of nutrition and fitness. I am a Certified Primal Health Coach, and a Level 1 CrossFit coach. I also hold a degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (no, I am NOT going to put you on an innovative diet. There aren’t any gimmicks – I promise).
My newest program, “ Eat Well and Thrive” is a one-on-one program for  women entrepreneurs who are ready for a dramatic change in how they feel, an amplified boost of energy, abundant confidence, and sustainable health
No diets, no boredom, no yo-yo effects. I will teach you how to create a healthy relationship with food and your body, how to create a powerful system of organizing your day and habits that will enable you to unwrap endless, joyous health and wellness for years to come. I want you to experience vitality, comfort, and vibrancy of healthy living – without feeling restricted, punished, or miserable!
I want to see how far your health can take you when you are building a business, growing, and reaching unbelievable heights of success. Dare to dream and go for it, I will take care of establishing the healthiest base of your growth pyramid for you.
Do any of these sound familiar?
  • You are sick and tired of struggling with your weight, energy, eating habits, and lack of movement.
  • You are tired of trying a gazillion methods and are ready to focus on your health once and for all!
  • You keep putting your health on the backburner
  • Scared to fail again
  • You are not able to find time for good food and exercise
  • Don’t want to hear about another diet or yo-yo effects
  • Can’t fight the emotional eating anymore
  • Don’t know which foods to eat and when for your weight goals
  • You are not being able to sleep well or focus during the day
  • You are not feeling attractive
  • You are not getting enough support that you need from family, friends, or internet strangers.

My Approach

I teach you systems and strategies that work for YOU.
There are a million types of flowers, and you are a unique woman, just like another type of flower. I want you to enjoy every day of your new, healthy life – whether you are making lunch or going for a walk, sweating at the gym with weights, doing yoga, or signing up for another challenge and feel like you are going to rock it! Imagine  being excited about your meals and movement, to love looking at yourself in the mirror, and having those “OH she is hot!” looks at you every day!
That’s my goal – I want you to feel like a goddess in your own body and a unique goddess. This means I will tailor all the healthy eating methods and movement to YOUR personal weight, health, and fitness goals.
I give you 100% support and accountability.
You will have access to me during every week of our work together, and it’s my favorite part of the program! I love sharing my secrets to happy healthy living. With unlimited access, you and I will get the results you want! Whether you like tough love or need your hand to be held when you are going through a rough patch – you can rely on me. I will provide you with the best support and accountability possible because I love doing it.
I find meals, exercises, and wellness routines that make you want to have more of them.
Can you believe it? Yes, you will start craving healthier meals. You will want to do more, be more, learn more, and be freer when it comes to food, movement, and your body.
I guide you through the victories and challenges of your health transformation.
Healthy habits are tricky, and often hard. I love to make them easy, fun, and enjoyable for people.  You will be challenged, but you will be victorious! Finding and achieving your ideal weight, having unstoppable energy, feeling flexible, light, inspired, and motivated will become second nature to you. We will focus on your mindset when it comes to prioritizing your health, your eating habits, establishing new powerful healthy habits and routines that won’t feel like routines at all. I truly believe in enjoyment and FUN when it comes to food and exercise (Otherwise why bother doing it?!).

While Working with Anya I learned a lot and achieved a lot.  One of the biggest things I learned was I was actually eating well BUT I wasn’t eating enough. I was starving my body. Everyday.

Before I met Anya I was eating the same thing every single day but it was never enough.  My body was in a starvation mode.  During my first sit down with Anya she informed me that I can actually eat bacon! You hear that BACON, not turkey bacon but BACON!  She explained in detail how my body actually needs good fats.  During this same conversation, I realized that I can actually eat different food and not the same thing every single day and still achieve my goals.  In 2014 I was 181 lbs I got down to 156, My body hit a plateau. Anya has helped me overcome that plateau and in the last few weeks I have gone from 156 to 150.

She was there every single step of the way being very supportive and offering anything that would be helpful to me.    Living the Keto lifestyle is challenging but very worth it.  I say lifestyle because a diet never works, this is a lifestyle change that will benefit you in so many ways.   I was recently reading  Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf and in this book it mentioned that we are not in a relationship with our food, there is so such thing as cheating on your food.  It is simply a decision and there will be a consequence for whatever decision you make. Anya is full of amazing knowledge and may I add has some amazing Keto friendly recipes.  So thankful for this opportunity to work with Anya! “

This is not just another Whole30 challenge or detox, it is a complete transformation for women who have had enough of struggling, and are ready to rock!

You and I will:

  • Create a healthier meal, movement, and mindset plan for you to build the healthiest lifestyle you envision and have always wanted to have
  • Come up with some easy, quick, and enjoyable meals you can make even if you hate cooking or are too busy for it
  • Find your favorite workout and create a movement routine that will make you crave more movement every day
  • Establish the easiest and healthiest sleep, wellness, and self-care routines so you shine and your skin glows daily!
  • Create a strategy for you to stay the healthiest forever! (or as long as you want) without feeling deprived, restricted, and miserable!

Do you like results? So do I!

After working with me, you can expect:
  • Balanced weight  – feeling amazing in your skin
  • Time-effective systems to become a super energetic fat-burning machine
  • A clear long-term strategy on how to stay healthy, fit, and energetic without diets and deprivation
  • Sleep routines that will keep you rested and beautiful every day
  • Movement and exercise habits that will add more pep to your step and make you want to dance to show off
  • More confidence, self-love, and care to build the happiest life for you
  • A passion for healthy living
  • The knowledge of what are the healthiest foods and habits for you, and how you balance your optimal health without ever being on a diet
  • The power of willpower – how to train it and when to give in, how to make the best decisions without undermining your health
  • The ability to create a support system for your long-term health goals

You will reach certain milestones!

  • Milestone 1: Nourishing and healing your body with the most nutritious foods

You will learn about good foods, foods that we don’t need, hydration, and optimal balance. We will discover what vegetable, meats, and healthy fats,  are best for you. You will learn how you can heal your body, help it lean out and get stronger by eating food (yes, you got that right!).
  • Milestone 2: Creating time-effective systems to be able to become a super energetic fat-burning machine.

You will learn how to make quick and enjoyable meals, how to meal prep or cook without it. How to grocery shop effectively and only once in 2 weeks. We will create a time-effective strategy for your workouts and your exercise plan!  We will also come up with a plan for you to stay on track with all these new habits.
  • Milestone 3: Adding more movement to daily routines, getting more energy, less stress, and better sleep.

You will discover how to move frequently and with pleasure. We will discuss how you can deal with stress, sleep and exercise when you feel low. We will develop a plan to stay active during the week, chill on the weekend, and engage the family in the activities if you like.
  • Milestone 4: How to successfully stay on track with your healthy habits long-term, and enjoy it.

You will learn how to respond to changes in your environment (stress, emotional eating, company, events). We will discover how to make the best decisions when it comes to your health.  And of course, we will develop a strategy for how to get your mojo back if you slipped.
  • Milestone 5: How to create a personal wellness and self-care routine.

You will learn how to create new health rituals and routines (skin, eyes, digestion, sleep, rest). I share my secrets so you can be more confident, self-loving and caring and stay healthy for decades!


Of course, there are bonuses!
  • 120-minute kick-off meeting to get a head start on your health journey
  • Pantry purge session (30-minute audio or video call), $147 value
  • Grocery shopping tour (virtual) (30 minutes), $147 value
  • Guides, worksheets, trackers to keep you hitting those milestones
  • Unlimited access to me via email – seriously, priceless!
  • Meals accountability (if you wish) via apps
  • Your Personal wellness routine ($97  value)
  • Extra bonus 1: One follow-up phone call (30 minutes) after 3 months end ($97 value)
  • FAST ACTION MEGA BONUS: FREE access to my signature course, Self-Love Pro! ($97 value)


This week-by-week program has been created for women who are about to hit rock bottom with their health and desperately need to make a change!
Are you seeing yourself growing big in your business, but your health is stopping you? I will provide you with all the support you need to c!reate your dream body and health!
I overcame dieting, yo-yo, smoking, sugar, carb-addiction, and living the healthiest life imaginable now!
I have gone from not being able to walk to the 3rd floor to running marathons and lifting triple digit weights.
I have healed from anemia, high blood pressure at age 25, acne, digestive issues, and emotional eating – I can truly say food is medicine that can help you thrive – let me show you how!
I have learned how to love myself and be confident in my body without confining to certain standards and forms!
I have been in your shoes: not knowing what to eat, how to cook, how to find time to take care of myself, and how to keep the results forever!

I am ready to EAT WELL AND THRIVE!

Schedule your FREE health strategy call now.

You are ready for this program if...
  • You are sick and tired of feeling so low and energy and so heavy in your body
  • Your business is your huge passion but your health is stopping your growth
  • You want to be much happier in your body and mind
  • You are ready to transform your health and do it for good!
  • You are determined to get results and ready to put in the work
  • You are ready to invest in yourself and give yourself just as much as you’ve given others.
  • You know that you need all the support and accountability you can get.
  • You are willing to learn and implement the knowledge long-term
  • You are patient to see the most incredible results
  • You are ready to ditch processed foods and eat wholesome, nutritious foods without feeling restricted
You are NOT ready for this program if...
  • Are willing to get results but don’t keep your commitment
  • Believe in Band-Aid like solutions for  your health (shakes, wraps, pills etc)
  • You’re not willing to invest in your health, the most precious asset you have
  • Thinking that eating healthy is unimportant but exercising is everything
  • Don’t want to make time for your health
  • Not ready to change your habits, thinking, and relationships with food/exercise but still want my help
  • Won’t take 30-60 minutes a day to work on your health/fitness


or you want to wait for another week, year, while the pounds creep on to you?

We have one life. One body. One mind. There is no “Game over” and “Start” again! Use your time now and take care of YOU now, before it is too late and you will need to start taking care of medical bills. Sign up now and get a special bonus – unlimited access to me via voice messages  (I used a super cool app!) AND a..


Access to Self-Love Pro, my signature course that will teach you to love your reflection in the mirror, reverse negative thinking and self-deprecating thoughts, make you feel confident and fulfilled.
Check it out!
Your investment: $1497 for 3 months (12 50-minute sessions +  ALL THE BONUSES).
Payment plans are available ($597 a month for 3 months plan).
I believe for the best results, the coach and student have to have a great match! I am careful with my choices (I am looking out for you too) because I want to make sure I can provide you TOP NOTCH services you deserve for the money you pay. Otherwise, I will guide you to other coaches and professionals. Every month I can only take a few clients because I dedicate myself 100% to the results YOU are going to get!

Ready to see if we are a good match to work towards YOUR HEALTH TRANSFORMATION?

If you are ready to feel fantastic, become a fat-burning machine, or just want to revamp your health, and can’t wait any longer… Apply today if you’d like to have unlimited access to me via VOICE messages AND get a fast-acting bonus!
I only have 2 spots open this month – make sure to grab yours if you are ready for your transformation! While I do keep an ongoing enrollment, there is a limited number of clients I can and want to take every month. Who likes wait lists anyway?
“Before I met Anya, I was having hormonal issues, headaches and irregular periods. I thought of myself as pretty healthy but I also knew that something was amiss. After working with Anya for a while I feel so confident and comfortable! Most of all, I have high, sustainable energy, my headaches are far less frequent, and my hormonal issues are became way less apparent. I think I must have lost some weight (though I don’t own a scale!), and my skin looks great! Most of off, my headaches are far less frequent and my energy levels are soaring. I loved working with Anya and learning from her!”
Rebecca DiLiberto, Maui, HI
“If you are looking to kick start some healthier habits, you can’t find a better place to begin than personal coaching with Anya Perry! Anya not only knows her stuff, but she is a great coach and motivator. Best of all, she doesn’t believe in diets or have to do this or that. She is all about a holistic approach that combines nutrition, movement, and mindset. It’s powerful stuff, and you can feel how strongly Anya believes in it”
Robin Carberry, Oriental, NC
If you can’t sit back another day and mope about your health, being overweight, not ready for a vacation – it is time to take action. If you don’t do it, nobody else will for you (unfortunately).
I wasted too many years before I found my optimal health – need I tell you it’s the biggest asset in my life, my relationships, and my business!
STOP putting yourself second, or third – it is time for you to shine in your abundant health!
Still have questions?

Will you create a meal plan for me?

I have plenty of healthy meal suggestions available!

Will I need to meal prep?

No, but it can help!

Why are your services so expensive?

Our health is priceless, and I will spend months taking care of your health. I believe in investing time and means to get the results for any occasion in life – whether you are building a house or cooking dinner. I do my 200% best for every client to achieve the results they want so they can thrive in their business, life, and relationships. If you want to look like a million bucks, but shop at Dollar Tree, your looks may not convey the desire. I will guide you to getting your million dollar look (without robbing a bank).

What if I fail?

Failure is a part of life. Preventing failure and making you successful is a part of my job description.

Will you teach me how to cook if I hate cooking?

Of course. We will start with eggs. Who am I kidding? Raw food?

I don’t want to join a gym. Will you be able to help me?

Yes. I will not be able to work out FOR you, but we will create the best plan for your exercise routine.

I can’t stand sweating. What is your exercise prescription like?

It depends on the client, state of health, mind, and many other things. Moving to the North Pole is an option.

Are you going to make me count calories? I am bad at math.

a) I can teach you basic math b) I can count them for you. c) if you want to get to your goals faster  d) no.

You choose.

I have no time. Can you help me?

Yes.  Time is the precious asset you have, and we will develop a strategy to make your transformation happen. We will need to schedule some time to make time.

My family/friends/dog don’t support me. Can you assist with this issue?

Have you heard of peanut butter?

I am vegan/vegetarian – does your program accommodate people like me?

Yes. I love people of all colors, ages, genders, and religious beliefs. As a vegetarian in the past I have a lot of admiration for people like you. Shortly: we will make it work.

I am too tired to cook.

We can google “Hire a private chef” together, learn how to delegate, or how to not be tired!