Are you ready to become
the healthiest version of you?

I am Anya!
I am a nutrition coach for women entrepreneurs.
I’m also a primal health coach, CrossFit junkie, entrepreneur, and a goal digger.
The reason I became a nutrition coach because I know you are passionate about what you do, and I want you to succeed in it while enjoying the healthiest version of YOU.
I want to see you dreaming big, and going for it – let me take care of your meal plans, extra pounds, and sugar addiction as you go.

Ready to feel and look incredible?

No diets, hours in the kitchen, yo-yo effects or unhappy meals
I am here to help to share my strategies, methods, and hacks that will transform your health, establish new healthy eating habits, save you a ton of time in the kitchen, and hours of slaving in the gym.
Start here by watching this THREE-PART VIDEO TRAINING (Lose 10 pounds as a bonus!)

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